Tall Hustle Episode 4: Leg Workouts for Tall Guys...

Tall Hustle Episode 4: Leg Workouts for Tall Guys...

It's Leg Day here at TallSlim Tees, and we have 3 awesome workouts for our fellow tall guys. Check them out & watch our latest Tall Hustle episode here...

Welcome back to Tall Hustle, the video series where we share workouts for tall guys!

Tall guys, chicken legs ain’t it. Today we’re tackling Leg Day for our final episode of Tall Hustle, the video series where we share workouts for tall guys. See 3 our practical workouts for the guys in the skies to get those thighs…

Watch here:

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Want to follow these Leg workouts tailored for the tall? Here's a simple breakdown of each workout:

Hex Bar Deadlift:

Load weight onto the end of your hex bar and stand in the middle. Keeping your back straight, bend at the hips and slightly bend your legs as you lower to grab the hex bar. As you lift the bar, squeeze your glutes and rise until you feel a stretch in the back of your legs.

Targets: Your quads and back muscles.

Benefits: Tall guys have higher risk of back injuries, and the hex bar deadlift reduces the high risk of injury a regular deadlift comes with. This helps you build up those strong back and leg muscles you need without hurting your back.

Back Squat:

The form for a tall-tailored back squat is a little different than the typical. Instead of keeping your toes pointed straight in front of you, angle them out slightly. Bend gently at the knees and spread your legs apart. As you lower, don't feel the pressure to get "ass to grass." For a tall build, you can get just as much of a workout without lowering fully. Make sure to keep your back straight through the squat.

Targets: Your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings.

Benefits: Adjusting your back squat strategy to your build can help you build muscle faster and reduce the risk of injury as you strengthen your legs.

Step Ups:

Find a box jump about 20"-24" - depending on how to tall you are (past your knees, but lower than your hips). Push from your toe as you step up, focusing on one leg at a time. Drive up with your quad. Switch legs halfway through to get an even burn.

Targets: Your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

Benefits: Step ups are a great way to combine cardio with strength training. They don't require heavy weight and don't put any stress on your back (tall guy win). 

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