Tall Guy St. Patrick's Day Outfits (Not Just Boring Green)

Tall Guy St. Patrick's Day Outfits (Not Just Boring Green)

St. Patrick's Day is coming up! Any excuse to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family is a win in my book. But I've always had one issue with St. Patrick's Day: the fact that you're expected to wear a tacky green outfit. Here are some classy St. Patrick's Day outfits any tall guy would love to wear.
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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Any excuse to enjoy a few drinks with friends or family is a win in my book. But I’ve always had one issue with St. Patrick’s Day: the fact that you’re expected to wear a tacky green outfit all day.

Scrambling around your house to find literally any green accessory is only slightly embarrassing. It’s better to have a few classy, tasteful green outfits locked and loaded in your closet already.

That’s why we pulled together all the tall green t-shirts TallSlim Tees offers so you can be prepared for St. Patrick’s Day. No tacky, embarrassing St. Patrick’s Day accessories this year. No more “kiss me, I’m Irish” shirts your wife bought for you at Goodwill. These shirts are so classy, you’ll want to wear them year-round.

Here’s what every tall guy should wear this St. Patrick’s Day (and any day of the year):

Classic Green Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Our classic 50/50 Short Sleeve T-Shirt comes in 4 different green shades (Green, Sage Green, Dark Green, and Olive). It’s a tasteful staple for any tall guy’s closet. They also come in V-Neck style in the same colors!

Our Sage Green t-shirt (pictured above) is a subtle way of wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day without being so “in your face” about it. It’s also a great Spring/Summer shirt for warmer weather (which is quickly approaching!).
If dark green is a better color on you, our Dark Green Short Sleeve is another tasteful way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in style.

It’s hard enough as it is to find clothing that fits tall, slim guys well, let alone finding a St. Patrick’s Day outfit that isn’t too embarrassing. Our Short Sleeve Tees not only fit tall, skinny guys perfectly, but they’re a great option if you want to celebrate a sophisticated St. Patrick’s Day.

I can picture it now: a surprisingly warm St. Patrick’s Day, sitting on the porch in a comfortable t-shirt, sipping Bailey’s Irish Cream to celebrate. Nothing gets better than that.

Classy Green Henley

Looking for a more dressed-up option for St. Patrick’s Day? Check out our green henleys. Our tall henleys range from casual athletic material to a more sophisticated cotton that maintains its shape. It’s important you’re comfortable while you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day ~ and you won’t be any more comfortable than when you’re in tall henley t-shirts like these.

Our Dual Blend Henleys come in Long Sleeves as well as Short Sleeves, so you’ll be comfortable no matter what St. Patrick’s Day weather looks like this year. Plus, you’ll definitely be able to blend into the crowd wearing a more traditional St. Patrick’s Day green color without being tacky.

Not only do we have Henleys, but at TallSlim Tees we also offer two types of Henley Polos. Our Pique Polo keeps its shape and comes in a traditional green color. Our Dry-Lite Polo (pictured below) comes in a sage green that will go with any of your outfits. If you’re looking for a classier, collared shirt for St. Patrick’s Day, this is the way to go.

Festive Green Long Sleeve T-Shirt

If your St. Patrick’s Day is shaping up to be a little colder than what you hoped for, don’t worry. Our 50/50 Long Sleeve T-Shirts also come in 4 shades of green, so they can match your style while you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Our classic Green Long Sleeve T-Shirt is great for the tall guy who likes a pop of color. You’ll stand out for all the right reasons wearing this shirt, and you’ll be comfortable so you can have a good time with friends and family.
Our Dark Green Long Sleeve Shirt is a great option for a subtle approach to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. In fact, it’s so subtle, you wont’ have any problem wearing this t-shirt year-round!

Green Zip Up Hoodie (For a Colder St. Patrick’s Day)

If a Long Sleeve T-Shirt still isn’t warm enough for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration, grab a coat that still matches the festivities! Throw this Zip Up Hoodie on and you’ll be set for any weather mother nature throws at you this Spring.

Our hoodies are actually long enough in the body and have a hood proportionate to your height, so you don’t need to worry about it not fitting. Simply put, our tall hoodies were designed for tall, slim guys. You deserve to dress for success on St. Patrick’s Day too!

Casual Green Raglan T-Shirt

For the more laid-back St. Patrick’s Day celebration, our Light Gray and Dark Green Raglan t-shirt might be your gold at the end of the rainbow;). Play corn hole, enjoy the outdoors, and actively celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year without stressing about what you’re wearing.

Our Raglan T-Shirts are comfortable and subtle, so if green isn’t your favorite color, you won’t have to wear a lot of it this year to avoid getting ridiculed. Just throw our Raglan T-Shirt on and you’ll be set to (modestly) celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year.

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up fast, so if you don’t have a green t-shirt already ready, order one of our green t-shirts or hoodies so it arrives in time!

You’ll look great for any St. Patrick’s Day celebration you have planned this year, and you’ll be comfortable. Didn’t think that was possible? Here at TallSlim Tees, we’re in the business of flipping this script. Welcome to the club;).

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, and good luck!