31 of the Best Home Office Essentials You Need for 2022

31 of the Best Home Office Essentials You Need for 2022

Working from home is way more common now than ever before. Here are some productive, classy, and cool gadgets to upgrade your home office setup today.
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Working from home is becoming way more common these days, and it’s important to have the right setup. In fact, I’m writing this while I work from my own home as we speak!

Now, this list is not a beginner’s guide to working from home. I’m assuming you have at least a desk, chair, and computer. I mean, you’re not stupid. You won’t see “don’t forget your laptop” or “make sure you’re sitting in a chair” on this list. This list is for the man with common sense, and I’m sure you have plenty.

So assuming you have all the no-brainer basics, these are some gadgets I’ve found super helpful in building your own home office. Let’s dive in:

Memory Foam Seat

I’m sure you have a comfortable chair to work from, but this memory foam seat will revolutionize how you work from home. If you’re like me, good posture goes straight out the window when I work from home. I probably look like a vulture right now as I type this out, hunched over my computer. This memory foam cushion promotes good posture while you work and reduces back pain (which is always a plus).

Desktop Whiteboard

This thing is incredible. Set it between your monitor and your keyboard, and you’ll have a wipeable surface to write quick notes right in front of you. You won’t have to waste a sticky note to jot down a quick note from a zoom meeting. And those random ideas that come and go? Write them down in a flash on a desktop whiteboard like this. Truly a lifesaver for an effective home office.

Wooden Computer Stand

Don’t have a crazy computer setup with a monitor? This oak Macbook stand turns your humble laptop into a setup you’ll be proud to work with ~ all with a stroke of elegance. Purchase a keyboard and turn your laptop into a monitor by elevating it with this wooden stand. You’ll be forced to have better posture by looking up rather than down, and your laptop won’t get beat up so quickly. Plus, it’s easy to detach and take with you. If you’re serious about a home office, this is a must.

computer stand for working at home

Cable Clips

These cable clips are life savers. Stop diving down the back of your desk to fetch charging cords. Spare your dignity by sticking these clips to the side of your desk instead. They’re nearly invisible and hold cords in place so the back of your desk doesn’t look like a pile of cord spaghetti. And you won’t have to hunt for your phone’s charging cord anymore with these handy little things.

Outlet Extender

This 6-Outlet Extender is worth every penny. With a design that allows you to plug in even your bulkiest cords, you won’t be hunting for outlets or power strips any longer. Plus, it looks way more classy than an ugly power strip sitting on your floor. And with an LED light attached, you won’t have any trouble plugging in your cords in the dark.

Temperature Control Coaster

This USB temperature control coaster will keep your morning coffee at just the right temperature all morning. No more trips to the microwave to keep it at the perfect temperature. And no more chugging it before it gets too lukewarm. Just sip your coffee at your own pace at the perfect temperature ~ you’ll work much better because of it. And it’s cheap!

Classy Lighting

Lighting is hugely important for an effective home office. If you don’t have an open window nearby, having poor lighting can definitely take a toll on your mental health during the long winter months. This floating lightbulb is definitely a splurge, but worth it if you want your desk to look classy. If that’s not really your style, try this cheaper (but still extremely classy) desk lamp. You won’t regret making your home office bright and cheery with good lighting.

lights for home office

Webcam Slide Cover

In the age of zoom meeting and video calls, privacy is important. If you’re a little paranoid about the front camera on your computer, slide on this webcam slide cover for a discreet, seamless cover for your camera. It’s small and nearly invisible, and you’ll have much more peace of mind while you’re working if you slap it on.

Cord Cover Book Decoration

This thing is genius. Built by a small business in Utah, they take real books and turn them into a decoration to cover the ugly, bulky cords cluttering your desk. Just tuck your cords behind the book display and turn the ominous cord octopus sitting on your desk into a clean, classy decoration. You’ll want to work that much more when your desk is in tip-top shape.

Under-the-Desk Phone Holder

Say goodbye to distractions and install this under-the-desk phone holder. It’s super easy to install and will keep your phone out of sight, so you avoid all those Facebook notifications. But with easy access, you can respond to text messages or calls whenever you need. Plus, it’s so discreet you won’t even know it’s there. Hack distractions and double your productivity with something so simple? Yes, please.

Keyboard Cleaning Gel

Tired of picking out crumbs from between the keys on your keyboard, only to find your fingers are way too fat? The worst feeling (not great for the self esteem, either). This gel picks up crumbs easily for you and leaves a pleasant lemon scent afterwards. Pick up crumbs and dust from every hard-to-reach crevice on your computer and desk, and your home office will be sparkling.

Standing Desk

Okay, I know you already have a desk, but you might consider upgrading to a standing desk. Sitting all day isn’t great for posture and back pain. If you’re standing for at least part of the day, you’ll feel more active, refreshed, and alert while you work. And it’s another way you can work on your posture without thinking too much about it.

desk for working from home

Drawer Organizers

It’s important to keep your home office organized. These drawer organizers come in various sizes and fit into drawers or on desktops perfectly. Store sticky notes, tacks, pens, tape, and anything else cluttering your desk drawers in these handy compartments. With different sizes, you can choose which size fits each office supply best.


You might be skeptical, but just trust me on this one. Having an essential oil diffuser in your home office will keep your space fresh and help you stay focused. Did you know there are essential oils for focus and relaxation? You did? Well, you should still add this to your home office setup.

Mini Fridge

Leaving your home office to grab a La Croix is a venture fraught with distractions. Avoid the walk to the fridge by keeping a mini fridge inside your home office for easy access. Plus, you’ll enjoy keeping leftovers and lunch inside the extra fridge, and you’ll feel much more “officially at work” by cutting the trips outside your office in half.


These headphones are the best on the market ~ I have a pair myself. They’re a little bit of a splurge, but they are worth every penny. With noise cancellation so intense you won’t hear your kids screaming downstairs and sound quality better than a concert, they’re worth the investment.


Having plants in your office is just as important as maintaining good lighting. They improve mental health, motivation, and focus. And they make any home office look 10x more put-together. Pick out your favorite plant from this list and add one to your home office today. You won’t regret it!

working from home desk

Blue Light Glasses

If you spend hours looking at a screen each day for work, you might consider getting yourself a pair of blue light glasses. They reduce eye strain and can even prevent headaches after long days at work. You can even wear them before bed while you watch TV and you’ll fall asleep much easier. They are great for focus and productivity!


If you have quite a few Zoom calls or Google video meetings lined up this week, you might want to invest in a microphone. Nothing is worse than not being able to hear someone speak on your conference call. And if you don’t know what that’s like, you’re probably the one who doesn’t sound great to everyone else. Get yourself a microphone like this and you won’t be stressed about being heard properly anymore.

Zoom Meeting Door Hanger

You’re sitting in your home office, talking with your boss and coworkers on a zoom conference meeting. Everything is going great until your kids peek their heads through your office door and creep up to your desk. Despite your threatening whispers and dangerous expression, they don’t get a hint. Now you have to explain to your boss why your son is picking his nose behind you during your Q2 conference call. We’ve all been there. Avoid it with this handy door hanger.

A Good Water Bottle

It’s easy to forget to drink water while you’re working from home. You’ll get in a groove, grind out hours of work, and quickly forget you’re a human being who needs water (happens to me all the time). Getting a good water bottle for your home office is one way you can make sure you get those 8 cups in every day. Check out this list and pick out your favorite. Or hydrate before you die-drate, as some would say. 😎

water bottle for working from home

A Good Clock

Okay, I know you can easily see what time it is with your phone or computer, but there’s something about looking at a real desk clock and seeing it’s finally 5 o’clock. Check out these super cool clocks and pick out your favorite. Your home office will be looking much more ‘official’ with one of these bad boys.

Glass Dry-Erase Calendar

If you’re a big planner like me, this is the calendar of your dreams. You won’t have to get a new one every year, you won’t have to flip it every month, and you definitely won’t have to hang it with a dorky tack that chews up your drywall. It cleans off super easy with dry-erase markers, and you’ll have plenty of room for each day. This calendar will definitely take your home office up a notch!

Filing Cabinet

The more you work from home, the more you’ll find you need a good filing cabinet. Papers will start piling up on your desk in an unsightly heap and you’ll start feeling pretty cluttered. Invest in a filing cabinet like this one and organize all your important files, documents, and papers all in one place. You won’t regret it!

Posture Corrector

Okay, you might feel like a dork wearing this thing, but that’s the beauty of a home office, isn’t it? You don’t have to look presentable! So strap this thing on and improve your posture while you work ~ the reduced back pain will prove it’s worth it.

working from home posture

Motivational Mug

Everybody needs a little motivation to get their day started. This mug will definitely get you started on the right foot. Brew some coffee in this thing and seize the day ~ it’s practically a home office essential. Just don’t let your kids see it.

Expanding File

This expanding file is a great addition to your filing cabinet. With 12 dividers, you can practically fit an entire book inside. And it expands up to 6 inches, so you won’t be running out of room anytime soon. Grab a few of these and your filing cabinet will be destined for greatness.


If the dry-erase calendar above was a little too intense for you, try investing in a planner. Writing down all the things you need to get done in a day and check them off after is strangely satisfying. And it helps make sure you don’t miss any important appointments or meetings, which is worth trying it out all by itself.

Framed Photos

Don’t forget why you work hard at home in the first place! Keep pictures of your family or spouse on your desk to cheer you up on the long days. Just having one or two framed photos can brighten a home office and add a personal flair. You might even want to frame cards or art your kids made for you ~ whatever brightens your day.

A Computer Sitter

Do I need to give a logical reason to get this for your home office? You just need it. That’s all. Especially the guy laying down on his side, that one’s gold.

Dundee Awards

You can’t have a proper office without them. Pick your favorite one to display (for motivational purposes of course), and give out the rest to fellow at-home-workers. They’ll appreciate the gift, and you’ll see at 1,397% increase in productivity with a Dundee Award at hand.

home desk with computer

That’s all I have for ya! Hopefully you can find something that fits your home office lifestyle perfectly and boosts your productivity. Happy working from home!