Tall Guy Spotlight - Sam - XL Tall

Tall Guy Spotlight - Sam - XL Tall

We are excited to have a new series spotlighting tall, slim guys, just like you. First up is our CEO, Sam. Sam built our brother brand, Redwood Tall Outfitters in 2019 out of a frustration to find clothes that fit his tall slim frame before acquiring TallSlim Tees last year. Read on to check out what car he drives (for headroom), his favorite article of clothing and more.

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Name: Sam Huebner

Height: 6’6

Weight: 235 lbs

TallSlim Tee Size: XLT

Favorite TallSlim Product: 50/50 Short Sleeve Tee (in Red!)

What do you do for work?:
I might be biased, but I have the best job in the world – providing amazing apparel to tall men all over the world!

What kind of car do you drive?
Ford F-150 for that sweet sweet headroom.

What do you like most about being tall?
This is a really tough question, I love almost everything about my height. But the best part has always been that being tall (generally) has made sports easier throughout my life.

What do you hate most about being tall?
Airplanes. No explanation necessary.

How tall is your tallest friend?
My good friend (and TallSlim Tees model) – Josh Riddle (6’9).

If you could change your height, would you? Why or why not?
I would not. I think I’m right on the cusp of being tall, without being too tall for the average world (a heartfelt sorry to our super tall brothers out there).

What is the most difficult piece of clothing to find for yourself?
Pants have always been hard to find, not just because of the length needed, but pants in general just fit differently across the board.

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you have?
Really tough question. My favorite article of clothing is something we are developing for TallSlim Tees soooo I can’t really share…yet.

Any advice for your fellow tall man?
Embrace your height, a lot of men would kill to be tall. Also, invest in clothes that fit you well. It’s not worth it to spend money on shirts you won’t wear because they don’t fit.