Hug A Tall Person Day

Hug A Tall Person Day

There is some debate on when international “Hug a Tall Person Day” is. There are a few different websites that give various dates for this day full of cuddles. The website, What National Day Is It, states that it is August, 27 (Link: There are also sources that say it is June 5.

However, the majority of those on the interwebs who are passionate about hugging tall people agree that it is February 11th, which you may notice is just around the corner.

The great powers of social media are what brought about the official date of February 11. Back in 2011, a group on Facebook with more than 1.2 million members worldwide declared February 11 to be international “Hug a Tall Person Day” and somehow it stuck. It appears that the voice of the people was heard. The group defined tall as 6′ plus for men and 5’10″ plus for women.

For those of our tall friends who enjoy a good squeeze, you may want to share with your loved ones about this important love holiday that comes before Valentine’s Day. There are even YouTube videos that share techniques of how to hug a person who is much taller than yourself, which you may want to share in preparation. (Link:

And for those who are averse to all this touching, hiding out and having a good movie or video game marathon might be the better option until February 11 has passed by.