Dating Tips For Tall Women

Dating Tips For Tall Women

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#1 – Confidence goes a long way!

Too many tall girls have the memory of being at school dance, slouching to make themselves look shorter as their petite friends around them got asked to dance and they didn’t. Or being in the very top, center row in their school picture with shorter kids calling them “beanpole” or in my personal experience “big bird”. These past memories can still take a toll on someone’s confidence years later. However, remember that you aren’t 12 or 14 anymore. Confidence comes with accepting yourself.

Make a list of your strengths and ask a friend or two to add to the list. Work on your self-talk. Every time you catch yourself saying something negative about yourself in your head, stop and list five things you like about yourself. Confidence really is teaching yourself to think in a new way. Confidence is very attractive in all shapes and sizes. If you want someone to treat you well in a relationship, you should first be treating yourself with kindness and respect.

#2 – Learn from the Past

Analyzing past relationships can be uncomfortable and it is easy to play the blaming game. However, sometimes hindsight can give us clear vision. Are there things you could have done differently in past relationships that might have helped the situation? Are there certain personalities that don’t do well with your personality? Are there red flags in partners that are clearer now of what you should steer clear of? Learning from the past can help avoid heartache in the future.

#3 – Don’t Rule Out the Short Guy

I had a tall friend who once told me she wore heels for the purpose of dissuading short guys from asking her out. I’m all about tall girls rocking heels, but not for that reason. Remember the times you have been passed over because of your height? It feels horrible to be brushed aside for such a shallow reason.

If there is a shorter guy in your life who you have a great connection with, don’t count him out because of a few inches. There are plenty of couples where the woman is taller and they are incredibly happy. (I happen to be one of those couples and my tall heel wearing friend, well, she’s is still looking.)

#4 – When Someone Isn’t Interested, Move On

There are going to be some guys who are intimidated by your height and will make snide comments that will make this very apparent. It is easy to get mad or feel hurt in these situations, but remember their actions say a lot more about them than it does about you. Move on. There are plenty of other guys who love the idea of a long-legged lady by their side.