Dating Tips For Tall Men

Dating Tips For Tall Men

The dating game is tough, even for tall attractive guys like yourself 😉 Here are a few practical tips to help you find your soul mate!

The dating game is tough, even for tall attractive guys like yourself 😉 Here are a few practical tips to help you find your soul mate!

1. The Key is Confidence

Being a tall guy means the world around you isn't exactly designed for your height - which means tons of slouching. Don’t let bad posture become a habit! Confidence is attractive in all shapes and sizes, and body language usually speaks louder than you can. Don’t worry about standing straight and tall, even if it makes you the tallest person in the room. You may be the quiet type, but you can still exude confidence with your tall frame and a genuine smile.

2. Keep in Mind Your Stride (And Other Tall Factors)

If you're dating someone shorter than you, try to remember you'll likely walk much faster than them because of your stride. Try to show some consideration (even if you're running late) and make sure they can keep up with you. The same goes for kissing or holding hands. A big height difference can make affection a little awkward. Try to think of ways of making this more comfortable for your shorter date, like sitting down so she doesn’t get a kink in her neck.

3. Be Careful of Ruling People Out

You may be a tall guy who assumes the only person for you is another tall gal (or the opposite, a much shorter woman). Good relationships are not just based on height though (or hair color, body type, and so forth). If you really click with someone and they don’t exactly match your idea of perfection, remember no one is perfect. You could miss out on an amazing relationship for very shallow reasons. Don’t be that guy.

4. If They Aren’t Interested, Move On

Some people may turn you down for shallow reasons like being too tall, too nerdy, too sporty (the list goes on). While everyone has their own preference, don’t let someone’s choice on the matter get you down. There are plenty of women out there who dream of having a tall guy by their side, or someone who will go to Comic-Con with them, or someone who will shoot hoops with them. One woman’s opinion says more about them than it says about you. Don't waste your time with someone who isn't interested - the right person for you will love you for exactly who you are, and they're waiting for you!

5. Remember: Height is Sexy. Own It.

There's so much you can bring to a relationship as a tall guy. Your lucky lady will get plenty of forehead kisses and she'll be able to wear her tallest heels without a worry, not to mention being tall is simply attractive. Most girls dream of their guy towering over them, and any lady would be lucky to stand by your side. Own your height because it's awesome! No reason to be self-conscious when you have a serious dating advantage with your height.

6. Date Personality-Forward

Remember, your height is awesome - but it's not your personality! You're a unique person with a deeper personality than just "the guy who's always picked first to play basketball." Build conversations that are personality-forward, so you can get to know your partner better and they can get to know you too! Ask deep questions, be open and honest, and be yourself.

7. Don't Brag About Your Height (Dating is Not About You)

If you're a tall guy, you shouldn't feel the need to brag about how tall you are - we can all see how attractive and cool you look already. To be honest, humility is super sexy! It's totally fine to bring up your height, but avoid bragging about it like it's your greatest achievement. If you're a standup guy, you'll have much more to show off than just your height. Let your date discover how awesome you are through natural conversation, not forced bragging.

8. Harness Your Height & Dress Right

There are a few tips and tricks to dressing right as a tall slim guy, and they are truly helpful (especially if you're about to head to a first date). Your height is attractive, but only if you present yourself right. Check out these style tips for tall men here - they will up your fashion game and make you look far more put together for your next date.

9. Be Wary of Online Dating

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) a lot of women will want to date you simply because of your height. This happens way more often in online dating platforms, because many of them allow you to include your height in your profile, and a lot of women will swipe right simply because you're tall. You want someone who loves every part of you, not just your height. Try meeting people naturally through community so they can get to know your personality as well as your height - you'll build a much more authentic and meaningful relationship.

You already have an awesome advantage in the dating world as a tall guy - and matched with a knockout personality you are every girl's dream. You got this 💪 Good luck out there!

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