8 Style Tips For Tall Men

8 Style Tips For Tall Men

1 – If you aren’t “Big and Tall” don’t buy “Big and Tall” clothes

Finding clothes that are long enough should not be your only goal. You want to find clothes that actually fit, otherwise you find yourself swallowed up in sagging pants and baggy shirts. Start by getting a few TallSlim Tees. The purpose this company was born was to offer more clothing options for tall, slimmer people. There are other online clothing companies with the same goal.

2 – Avoid off-the-rack dress shirts

Either the sleeves are too short or the collar is too big and the shoulders don’t fit well either. Off-the-rack dress shirts come in different sizes, but they are still made with the average sized guy in mind. Do yourself a favor and pay a little extra for a few custom-made size shirts using your measurements.

3 – Vertical stripes are not your friend

If you are tall and lean, vertical stripes are going to make you look taller and leaner. Next time you are at the store, put down the pin-striped suit look for a different design, like a subtle plaid or a herringbone pattern.

4 – Avoid matching your belt and shoes with your whole outfit

Monochromatic colors from head-to-toe is lengthening, which is great if you are short, but not ideal if you are tall. Try to dress in two contrasting colors. For example, have brown shoes that compliment your brown belt, but contrast with your navy suit. The color breaks in your ensemble will make you look less elongated.

5 – Tie Length Matters

The tip of your tie should grace the top of your waistband or belt buckle. Too many tall guys find themselves with too short of ties. However, you can go the other way and overcompensate, making your tie too long. If you have a hard time finding ties long enough, check out The Long Tie Store. (link: https://www.longtiestore.com/)

6 – Be Careful of Bold Prints

What may look cool on a shorter guy can end up looking like a flashing billboard on a tall guy. Being tall already draws the eye, so bold prints can make you look over the top. Stick with the classics, like solids, plaids and checks and aim for smaller prints.

7 – Learn to Layer

Layers can bring more depth to clothing ensembles, which is great especially for thinner, tall guys. Also, if you have jacket that is a little short, you can layer it with a longer shirt underneath and it will give the visual effect that the jacket is longer.

8 – Get to Know a Good Tailor

Your t-shirts and shorts are probably fine as long as they are long enough and fit properly. However, clothes that are a step up from casual clothes should be taken to a tailor if they feel to tight or too loose. A good tailor can also give tips on what to look for when buying clothes to fit your body type.

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