8 Style Tips For Tall Women

8 Style Tips For Tall Women

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  • First and foremost, buy clothes that fit

It isn’t just about finding clothes that are long enough. For clothes to look good, they need to be a good fit. If you are tall and slim, hop online and find websites that cater to your body type (like Long, Tall Sally: https://www.longtallsally.com/ or Model Atelier https://shopmodelatelier.com/) We suggest starting with a few TallSlim Tees, so you have a few basics that are long enough and fit you properly.

  • Roll those too short pants and sleeves

For pants that are too short or after a dreaded dryer cycle that caused shrinkage, cuff the pants so the length looks intentional. Add some strappy heels for a fun style. Rolling up long sleeves that are a little short also works wonders.

  • Avoid Low-Waisted Jeans

When you are tall, you are tall everywhere. Most low-waisted jeans don’t have enough rise to properly fit a tall girl. When things don’t fit, they don’t flatter.

  • Embrace Oversized Accessories

For short girls, oversized accessories can make it look like they are being swallowed whole. As a tall girl, you have extra length to carry a large bag, wear chandelier earrings or a statement necklace.

  • You Can Wear Bright Colors

Add a splash of color with your outfit. Wearing color implies more confidence and color makes outfits interesting. Plus, color can draw attention to your favorite assets, whether it is your long, elegant neck or cinched waist.

  • Learn to Layer

Layers can bring more depth to clothing ensembles, which is great especially for tall girls. If you have jacket that is a little short, you can layer with a longer shirt underneath and it will give the visual effect that the jacket is longer.

  • Skinny jeans and maxi skirts/dresses were made for you

Invest in some good skinny jeans and treat yourself to a cute maxi dress. These clothing items look the best on tall figures, so you can definitely rock these trends.

  • Get to Know a Good Tailor

Any clothes that are a step up from casual clothes could likely use some tailoring to make sure they will look awesome on you. If anything feels a tad tight, loose or short, a tailor will be the one to come to your rescue. Plus, a good tailor can also give tips on what to look for when buying clothes to fit your body type.