All About Tall Ships

All About Tall Ships

In our corner of the web, we celebrate all tall things and today we are going to talk about tall ships. All around the world there are races and festivals celebrating tall ships. What is a tall ship, you may ask?

According to Wikipedia, “A tall ship is a large, traditionally-rigged sailing vessel. Popular modern tall ship rigs include topsail schooners, brigantines, brigs and barques.”

There are full organizations, like Tall Ships America (Link: that offer sail training and education in these traditional ships. The organization Sail Training International ( offers races of tall ships all over Europe.

Tall ship festivals are also held all over the United States, like in Boston (, the Bay City ( and New Orleans ( If you live near the coast, there is a good chance there is a tall ship festival not too far away.

What is so great about tall ships? Try taking a step back in time and seeing these traditional sailing ships in person. Their massive sails may cause some jaw dropping or at least the desire to watch “Pirates of the Caribbean” again. There is something elegant about seeing these huge boats being pulled along the water by the breeze.

At some festivals, you can even ride on deck of a tall ship, which would be an experience to remember. After your first glance of these gigantic boats, we think you will agree with us that tall ships are rather cool.