Comparing Our 2 Jogger Styles: What's Your Perfect Fit?

Comparing Our 2 Jogger Styles: What's Your Perfect Fit?

Both our Tall Jogger options are great to have on hand... but how are they different, and which one's best for you? See our comparison here:
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If you haven't noticed, we've had some exciting new products come out at TallSlim Tees... and our Tall Jogger options have been a couple of them!

As a tall guy, you're used to settling for clothes that don't always check all your boxes - which is why we want to give you more options so you don't have to compromise. With two different jogger styles, you'll have everything you need for any occasion. But really, what are the differences?

Today we're diving into our two jogger types - and which one to wear when. Let's dive in:

1. Relaxed Fit VS. Hugs All The Right Areas

Tall Jogger Comparison 1

A key difference in our jogger styles is fit: our Jogger Sweatpants have a softer, more relaxed fit and our Everyday Joggers have a tighter, more athletic fit. In general, if you prefer baggier pants - the sweatpants are the way to go. For a tighter, more athletic fit, opt for the Everyday Joggers - they'll hug all the right areas and flatter your form.

2. Cotton/Polyester Blend VS. 100% Polyester

TallSlim Tees Jogger Comparison 2

A big difference in our joggers is material! Our sweatpants have a more relaxed fit, which means they needed to be warmer and softer. That's why we chose a 70/30 cotton and polyester blend - they have a comfortable stretch, but still feel soft to the touch. Our Everyday Joggers on the other hand needed to be more flexible and moisture-wicking, which is why we chose 100% polyester. They don't overheat, stretch perfectly, and feel comfortable while you're active.

3. Minimalist Comfort VS. Plenty of Functional Pockets

TallSlim Tees Jogger Comparison 3

Because our Sweatpants are more casual, we only included the basics: two side pockets on the front and one on the back. For our Everyday Joggers, however, we wanted them to have more function. That's why we designed them with two side pockets, two back pockets with a secure flap, and an additional zipper pocket on the side for the important things you don't want slipping out while you're on the go.

4. Great for Chilling VS. Great for Activity

TallSlim Tees Jogger Comparison 4

Both our joggers are tall staples in your closet - but which one you prefer comes down to purpose. Hoping to find a comfy pair of pants to wear while you watch Sunday's game? Jogger Sweatpants will be your winning option. Looking for a pair of pants you can wear anywhere (to the gym, on errands, or doing chores)? Go for the Everyday Joggers - they're flexible to your lifestyle.

We hope this shed some light on which joggers are the best fit for you - but at the end of the day, BOTH are great for different purposes, and having both in your closet is never a bad idea;)

Thanks for tuning in, tall guys. Good luck finding that perfect pair!