9 Best (Worst) Pickup Lines Only Tall Guys Can Use

9 Best (Worst) Pickup Lines Only Tall Guys Can Use

You can't rely on your height alone to pick up chicks... it's time to add some rizz to your routine. Use these 9 Horrible (I mean GREAT!) pickup lines...
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Love season is here, tall guys! If you don't have a special someone to share it with, we're here to help... with some atrociously cheesy pick up lines. You can't rely on your height alone - it's time to add some rizz to your routine. Let's get into it:

Best (Worst) Pickup Lines for Tall Guys to Use

Proceed with caution... terrible (*cough cough* I mean great!) pickup lines ahead...

1. "The best part about being this tall is how easy it is to see cute girls like you in a crowd."

If you ever spot a hottie in a crowd, this pickup line is sure to work like a charm. Sweeten the deal by mentioning how she can sit on your shoulders at concerts - there's no way she wouldn't want that.

2. "You know what material this is? (Grab your TallSlim Tees shirt) Boyfriend material."

Best way to sweep a girl off her feet? Wearing clothes that actually fit and flatter you (AKA TallSlim Tees). Check out our t-shirts or button ups for your next date!

3. "I might be over 6 feet tall, but our connection is off the charts..."

Perfectly cheesy, perfectly charming, and guaranteed to work;)

4. "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again… at your eye level?"

If there's one thing women love, it's being insulted for their height right when you meet them. Bonus points if you try this one on a short girl - she'll love it.

Tall Guys Wearing TallSlim Tees

5. "I may be tall, but I know I'll reach new heights when I'm with you."

How could you not be instantly charmed with this one?

6. "Yeah I'm tall... Just means it's easier for me to sweep you off your feet."

Girls love a tall king, so pointing out the benefits of your height in your potential relationship is always a winning strategy.

7. "If my height doesn't make an impression, my charm definitely will."

This is a great way to emphasize that your height isn't your entire personality (it might be easier for you to impress with your height, but girls love seeing that you have a brain, too).

8. "Ouch! Sorry, it just hurts falling for you from my height."

They say "the taller they are, the harder they fall." Take that unfortunate fact and turn it into rizz.

9. "I'm 6'6" and everything is in proportion... I'm talking about my heart, geez!"

This is a great way to tease her while getting her to think about everything you have to offer (if you know what I mean;).

The Best Strategy...

Jokes aside, the best strategy for charming a girl you just met is just being yourself.

Don't focus on your height or the height difference between you (as tempting as it might seem). You have so much more to offer than being able to check her "at least 6 feet tall" box. The right girl will be more intrigued by your personality than your stature.

You know all that... Just reminding you that you rock, tall guy - and not just because of your height;)

Good luck finding your Valentine!

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