Can Tall People Ride Motorcycles?

Can Tall People Ride Motorcycles?

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When I was a kid my dad and I would go to Harley Davidson and look at their Hogs. I wasn’t even old enough to drive a car yet and the salesman was already trying to get my dad to buy me one. They said they had programs where you pay a little each month until I turned sixteen and then I could come into the shop and pick out whatever bike I wanted. I am sure you could have already guessed that no matter how much I begged my dad didn’t give in.

Driving a motorcycle has always seemed like the “cool guy” thing to do. Which is why I think so many people decided to buy one and used it as their commuter. A large concern many tall men have is the question of if they can even ride a motorcycle.

The best answer is… well yes, yes you can. It just depends on what kind of bike you decide to go with. Some styles of bikes, especially those made for speed, do not have enough space between the foot pegs and the handlebars. If you are a tall guy and you end up buying a bike like this it will look and feel like you are squatting while you ride. To avoid this, always make sure you take your bike for a test drive before purchasing. If it isn’t comfortable, don’t buy it.

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