Can Yoga Make You Taller?

Can Yoga Make You Taller?

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Do you remember P-90X? It was that crazy fitness program that got super famous really fast? I was one of the unfortunate soles that decided “hey, I want to have muscles” and went out and purchased the program.

One of the workouts on the program was called Yoga-X. It was like regular yoga mixed with bullfighting. I felt really weird at first doing yoga; until I realized how crazy hard it was! The workout was almost two hours long and it took me six months doing it every Saturday to actually finish the full two hours without passing out.

After consistently doing the training I noticed how much more limber I was and how I had a better poster than I had before doing it. A huge part of yoga is helping your body be more aligned. The exercises decompress and reposition the skeletal muscles which help the poster and straightens out the muscle fibers.

Because of this, yoga actually makes you taller. A small portion of your height comes from your spinal cord and when you decompress the spaces in it, it actually gets longer! This is why Astronauts come back from zero-gravity an inch or two taller.