Why Are Chef Hats Tall?

Why Are Chef Hats Tall?

I went on vacation not too long ago and my wife and I decided to end the trip by going to a fancy dinner. We did not know where to go because we had never been there before. So we asked around and got some recommendations from the locals. The majority of the people we asked pointed us in the same direction and told us about this amazing chef that has been cooking for years.

We took their recommendation and headed over. The line was out the door and we had to wait over an hour just to be seated. When we finally got our food it had been over three hours. We weren’t in any hurry to go anyplace so we didn’t mind the wait. Before we left the chef made rounds table to table apologizing for the wait. The one thing I could not get over was how tall his hat was! I swear he had to duck his head when he walked through doors.

I went home and did some digging on why chef hats are the way they are and found out some interesting facts.

-Chefs have been wearing that type of hat for over 200 years.
-the proper name for the hate is “toque”.
-The taller the hat the more experience the chef has.
-The more pleats are in the hat the more ways the chef knows how to prepare food.

I found out why the food was so good, it was because his hat was so big.