Are Height Calculators Accurate?

Are Height Calculators Accurate?

If you scour the web you will find all sorts of interesting and sometimes helpful tools. Some of those popular tools are height calculators. They are used for curious people to find out how tall they will end up being when they get older. You input answers to questions about how tall your parents are, siblings, etc. And voila, it spits out a height that you may or may not feel comfortable with, depending on your personal uncontrollable goals.

The problem is that these machines, along with all machines, are programmed to be statistically driven. That means that the data is always fixed. Fixed data isn’t always bad if you want to find out fixed information. In the case of “height”, the information is a variable. Your height depends on thousands of factors that can not be computed in a variable way.

These calculators cannot give you a very accurate number, however, they are usually within a few inches. A few inches in height can be the difference between getting on that Disney ride or watching your friends go while you sit back eating a churro. The only true way of knowing how tall you will be is by waiting until see how tall you will be.

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