Can you get Taller When you Lose Weight?

Can you get Taller When you Lose Weight?

Studies have shown that marginal height changes have been shown in people who lose weight. However, we are not talking about people who have lost there “freshman fifteen”, we are talking about people who made massive lifestyle changes and lost significant weight.

The reason being, the largest skeletal structure in your body is your spine. Your spine is a series of connected bones and tissue. The bones themselves are not that big but because they are interlinked, it makes them contribute to a large portion of your human height. The space between these bones is filled with cartilage and other bone-like substance. The only difference is that it is not as hard as bone and allows the spine to flex and twist. This is why we can touch our toes and do back handsprings without breaking our backs.

The more weight that we put onto our spines the more we compress this tissue, which means the spine gets more compressed and we become “shorter”. When we release the spine from this pressure we become “taller”. Although we can get taller from losing weight it is very marginal and never exceeds more than an inch and a half. So if you are trying to gain a foot or two you might want to explore different options.

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