Can Tall Genes Skip a Generation?

Can Tall Genes Skip a Generation?

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We’ve all seen it, a tall family with one family member who seems to not belong. Human Genetics is a complicated subject that contains thousands of studies and years of research. The question we are trying to deconstruct on today’s blog is just how strong are tall genes? and can they skip a generation?

The traits that we receive from our parents are decided upon by each individual DNA strand. Each Strand caries different human traits and you are a combination of your mother and fathers DNA. Both your mother and your father carry DNA that decides everything; how tall you will be, color of hair, etc. Not only do your parents carry the DNA with traits they currently have, but they also carry traits that their ancestors have. Just because we do not see a specific ancestral trait does not mean that he/she does not carry it.

The more tall ancestors you have determines the likelihood of you being tall, however, if there is even one ancestor that carries the genetics of shortness you have a possibility of ending up short! Even if all your brothers and sisters are 6’5″. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it “skips” a generation, it just means that was how the cookie crumbled.

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