5 Questions Tall Guys Have For Convenience Stores

5 Questions Tall Guys Have For Convenience Stores

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It’s not easy being a tall guy. While finding a great fitting tall slim t-shirt is possible, there are some things that are less easy to change. Like so-called convenience stores.

If you are a tall guy who has wandered through a convenience store, you’ve probably thought some of these things. In each situation, we polled our staff to find some of the best, and most hilarious, solution to each circumstance.

Why Are Your Doors So Short?

The standard height for an exterior door is 6’8” so why do we always feel like we need to stoop when entering a convenience store door? Tall guys may accept that entering a historical building may mean endangering their noggin but modern buildings shouldn’t have the same issues.

Our favorite “solution” for when you face a short door is to slouch down and swagger. Pretend you have some serious street cred riding on looking cool and not backing down from some short doorway. Bonus points if you have kids willing to play along!

How Do I Navigate The Tight Shelves?

While our broad shoulders may be great for filling out a slim-fit shirt, it sure is less helpful when trying to get down the narrow aisles of a convenience store. By the time you find what you wanted, you may have knocked a few things from their precarious perches.

One of our co-workers suggested doing “spy-moves”. He said he started pretending he was a spy when he was a growing teenager to make himself focus on his surroundings and movements. If you want to play Mission Impossible music while trying out this solution, we highly recommend it.

Why Are The Best Snacks On The Bottom Shelves?

The shelves are short no matter what, but that just seems to mean that the best snack are located even further from us. Since tall men are 44 percent more likely to suffer from lower back pain, this becomes less of an inconvenience and more of a real problem.

To help keep convenience stores convenience, we like using a reaching tool. Sure it can make you feel like your grandpa when you first start using one, but it can help you protect your back in the long run.

When Will You Install Taller Sinks?

Let’s face it, no one wants to use the restroom at a convenience store. But sometimes you just have to use them. You get used to the toilet and the urinal being positioned ridiculously low, but towering over the sink just feels silly.

If it is a private bathroom, this is your chance to help your back and fit in some stretching! Challenge yourself to see how far back from the sink you can stand while still effectively washing your hands.

Can I Get A Tall Guy Discount?

Everyone hates how expensive convenience store food is yet have they ever considered the plight of tall people? A tall guy may need double the amount of food a short person needs and that can really make the price of a convenience store stop go up.

Why not ask for a tall guy discount? Seems like there is a discount for everything these days, so give it a shot.

Also, while our solutions may be funny, if you really want to try them out we recommend you don’t try them all in one convenience store.