What's the Tallest Living Creature to Ever Walk the Earth?

What's the Tallest Living Creature to Ever Walk the Earth?

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I’m sure that every tall person ever has been called “Giraffe” a time or two. Pretty clever right? Because giraffes are really tall and calling someone a giraffe is insinuating that they are also really tall. If you are one of those bullies that like to make jokes about peoples height let me give you a quick history lesson.

Giraffes really aren’t all that tall. They are only about 4-6 meters tall and when compared to the tallest animal to ever walk the earth, they are only one-third of its size. So next time you want to bully a tall person call them a “Sauroposeidon”. A Sauroposeidon is the tallest animal to have ever walked the earth and is estimated to be about 18 meters tall.

This ridiculous dinosaur went undiscovered for thousands of years. In 1994 a group of archaeologists came across some of its massive bones, and mistakenly assumed that they were just large pieces of petrified wood. Five years later in 1999, another group of archaeologists re-examined the bones and discovered that they were actually huge dinosaur bones.

The dinosaur was given the name Sauroposeidon, which means “Earthquake God Lizard” after the Greek God of the water “Poseidon”. Not only did this gigantic creature tower 18 meters into the sky, it also had a length of 34 meters which is about 4 meters longer than a blue whale. This enormous herbivore lived near the Gulf of Mexico, and until we discover something taller, it is the tallest living creature in the history of the world as we know it.

So if you are a bully, hopefully, you can now consider yourself to be an “educated bully” and can use more correct and offensive names. Besides I’m sure that every tall person out there is tired of hearing the same old jokes and they would appreciate some education and creativity. Also calling someone an “earthquake god lizard” is way funnier than just calling them a “giraffe”.