Your Height Can Qualify You For Free School Money!

Your Height Can Qualify You For Free School Money!

With the average cost of college being around $33,480 a year for private universities and between $9,650 and $24,930 for public universities, it is easy to see why people spend so much time trying to earn scholarships for school. Scholarships are a huge help to any student who just does not have the time or money to pay such a high price for continued education. There are a lot of unusual scholarships out there that aren’t super well known, and believe it or not, your height can qualify you for free money! Take advantage of it!

TCI (Tall Clubs International)

The TCI (Tall Clubs International) is a social organization specifically for tall adults. They have over 50 member clubs and over 1,000 members. There are many cool events they host and their purpose is, “to promote tall awareness among tall men and women, and in the community.” The TCI Foundation (part of the TCI) is a non-profit charity whose goal is to benefit tall people. How it works is that the foundation and its individual chapters give out scholarships of up to $1000, and it is pretty easy to apply. Here are the eligibility requirements.

  • You have to be at least 5’10” if you’re a girl, and 6’2” if you’re a boy.
  • Must be 21 years or younger.
  • You must be entering your first year of college
  • Become sponsored by a local chapter or a TCI club nearest to you

How to Apply:

  • Email
    for information and scholarship application forms.
  • Copy of official high school transcript
  • College entrance exam score verification
  • Letter of recommendation from academic source
  • Letter of recommendation from non-academic source
  • One page essay
  • Photo
  • Photo/essay release authorization

Athletic Scholarships

There’s no doubt about it, tall athletes have a better chance of receiving an athletic scholarship. If there is a coach considering two players who have around the same skill set, the player that is taller will more than likely get it. Being tall is a huge asset in a ton of sports, so taking advantage of your height may give you a great opportunity to play sports in college and have it all paid for! Getting a full ride scholarship and not having to worry about rent, food, or books is well worth the time put into any sport.

Be sure to look around for other scholarships, the TCI foundation has many clubs that have their own scholarships and award amounts. Being tall is something you can definitely be proud of; use this gift you’ve been given to help pay for your college!