Gigantasophobia A Fear Of Tall People In Poorly Fitting T-Shirts

Gigantasophobia: A Fear Of Tall People In Poorly Fitting T-Shirts

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Have you ever felt like people are scared of you because you are so tall? Turns out it is not all in your head. Gigantasophobia is an officially recognized phobia. Those short people that you run into may not be so much shy as terrified. Let’s be honest, being tall can get you into all sorts of strange positions. Including, being forced to wear ill-fitting clothing. In which case, we got you covered.

Line of sight can equal slight

Being tall means that we can see farther in the distance. With more interesting stuff to look at off in the horizon it is possible to miss someone standing right in front of us. Running into a person smaller than you can mean bad news to them. Don’t forget this also means tall people are dangerous to small pets. One misplaced step and we’ve stepped on the cat’s tail and sent them yowling into a tree where they now must be retrieved by a heroic person. Good thing you have the long arms to get the job done, right?

Everyone is looking at you

When you’re the tallest person in the room people tend to glance at you. It’s an instinctive reaction. Scoping out the competition or potential threats has been hardwired into humans since pre-history. The small people in the room now have to work twice as hard to get noticed. They generally do this by talking a lot or being as loud as they can. This overcompensation is a lot of hard work. Notice that once things go south, though, that they find you a convenient place hide behind. Being tall makes people assume you’re an automatic protector.

Source of so many awkward moments

Imagine being the short person that has to jump in order to meet your high five. You’re high-five is impossibly high. Also, hugs can be uber awkward. A short person’s head hits your stomach, at which point they have to listen to the food digesting in your stomach as they hold you. More awkward still for tall women who hug a short person that hits right at breast height. Small people having to shout up at your face because you’re ear is way up there. Private conversations can be nearly impossible in public unless a stepping stool or serious slouching is involved.

The tall life can be tough. We know how it is here at TallSlim Tees. So, we’ll always provide you the shirts you need to make life a little more comfortable.