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Why Women Like Tall Men (And How to Use Your Height to Stand Out)

There's no denying it: tall men have the upper hand dating-wise. Here's exactly WHY women like tall men, and how to use your height to stand out:
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“How’s the weather up there?”

Let’s face it, there are lot of reasons why being tall is frustrating at times.

Tall men face some unique challenges in the world. One of them is tasteless jokes about their height. Ever been likened to the jolly green giant on St. Patrick’s Day? Or maybe you’ve been called Goliath. That’s just disrespectful.

Tall men wage war against some of the cruelest enemies: beds, cars, doors, car doors, even ceiling fans. I’m sure you know the embarrassing feeling of bumping your head on a doorframe only too well. Maybe your feet hang off the edge of your bed and you’ve just had to embrace it at this point.

Getting picked first for the basketball team isn’t exactly a crowning achievement, either. Maybe you don’t even like basketball. They don’t care. Their expectations are just as tall as you are. So you’d better get comfy on the court, because there’s no way they’re subbing you out (even if you suck).

tall guy playing basketball

We’re all too familiar with the struggles you face. But there’s one thing tall guys have the upper hand in: dating.

For some crazy, lucky, incredible reason, women love tall men.

And being a tall man yourself, I’m sure you’ve heard all the stats. But hey, we want you to feel good about yourself (especially after all those patronizing NBA comments). Here’s why women like tall men, so you can feel like a total superstar:

Why Do Women Like Tall Men? Everybody Thinks Tall Men Are Stronger

Simply by design, men are typically taller than women.

Tall men were often selected for harder jobs because they were simply built to perform them better. They can reach higher, lift more, and work harder just because they are bigger people in general.

And even though desk jobs are more prevalent in this day and manual labor isn’t necessary, those stereotypes have persisted in the work place anyway.

Tall Guy Wearing Tall T-Shirt

When it comes to picking a partner, women love feeling safe and protected by their man. And because taller guys have a bigger, more intimidating presence, it’s easy to believe they’re better at protecting others.

Of course, height doesn’t necessarily have to do with strength, but these psychological reasons are deeper than sound logic. They don’t always make sense. And as a tall man, you’re not here to protest the silliness of these unspoken beliefs. You’re here to leverage them to find your lady.

Plus, maybe you are a super strong tall guy. If so, you have two advantages.

Tall Men Are More Successful

Just look at the stats. CEO’s are, on average, 6 feet tall, which is incredible because the average height for men in the U.S. is only 5 feet 9 inches. In fact, “in the USA population, where only 14% of males are over 6 feet, an outstanding 58% of Fortune 500 company CEOs are over 6 feet!” That can’t just be luck, now can it?

Height plays a huge role in how successful you’ll be. Of course, that’s not to say shorter people can’t be successful. But it is to say taller men have an advantage in the business world.

Tall Entrepreneur Giving Presentation

Tall men have a bigger presence, look more like the leader stereotype we’re so familiar with, and look far more intimidating than the average dude.

Studies show that an extra inch is worth almost $800 a year in elevated earnings. Which means the taller you are, the higher income advantage you’ll have. And women love a successful man.

Let’s just say, if you can support your future wife’s Target spendings easier than the average man, you’re a winner.

Tall Men Have a Higher Representation in the Media

Every girl grows up watching princess movies and dreaming of what her Prince Charming will look like. And in most Disney movies, the prince is quite a bit taller than the princess.

But it isn’t just princess movies that favor tall guys. Superheroes saving their damsel in distress are usually decently tall, and almost every TV couple represents the guy being much taller than the woman.

Women might not know exactly why they are attracted to taller dudes, but the media representation of tall guys might have something to do with it.

And it’s not all fiction, either!

Women Like Tall Men

Statistics show that “the taller of the two major-party candidates from 1789 to 2012 won 58% of presidential elections and received the majority of the popular vote in 67% of those elections.” It’s been evident for over two hundred years: taller politicians are favored.

And of course, no one would cast a vote for someone simply because they’re tall. But height plays a subconscious role in persuasion. Taller guys seem stronger, more intimidating, larger than life, and better equipped to be the aggressive, confident leader people expect in a president.

Women Like Tall Men, But It’s Not All About Height…

You don’t automatically become a chick magnet the moment you break that 6-foot mark.

Tall men aren’t stronger, more successful, and more represented just because they’re tall. Ultimately, character and integrity matter far more than these factors! And in a perfect world, heigh wouldn’t have anything to do with being a good politician or a successful business owner.

Women Like Tall Men to Hug

Numerous studies show that women care more about character and personality than physical attributes. What’s most important is being respectful, kind, engaging, honest, funny, and confident in yourself, whether you’re 5’2″ or 7’2″.

And while it’s true most women prefer taller men, most are willing to throw that preference out the window if the chemistry is right.

So tall guys: you still have competition.

Which leads me to my second point ~ you might be tall and attractive by default, but are you using your height in the right ways to stand out?

Picture this:

A Woman Goes on a Date.

She pulls into the coffee shop parking lot and looks into the rear view mirror before she walks inside. Putting on a fresh coat of lip gloss, she ruffles her hair one last time and steps out of her car, swinging her purse over her shoulder.

She walks into the coffee shop and texts you to let you know she arrived. Then she takes a seat at a table and waits for you to show up.

A few minutes later, you stumble inside the coffee shop trying to catch your breath. You spot your date across the room and meander through the cramped room to the table.

Woman Alone In Coffee Shop

“Hi, Joanne, right?” you say, taking a seat across from her.

Her eyes widen as she notices how tall you are. “Joe! So good to finally see you!”

As you sit down you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake by showing up late. Joanne has chosen one of the most cramped tables in the entire cafe, and now your knees are nearly touching the bottom of the table as you squeeze into the booth.

“I am so sorry about being late,” you say. “I had the hardest time finding the right thing to wear. Nothing ever fits me.”

Joanne laughs, although she’s secretly taking note of your fashion choices. The shirt you hastily threw on as you ran out the door is kinked on the collar, so one side points in a strange direction. Your sleeves are just a smidge too short, so you look like a middle school boy who’s outgrowing his clothes faster than his mom can buy them for him. It isn’t your best look.

“You are quite tall,” she smiles. “I didn’t realize how tall you were until now!”

“Oh yeah, people are always asking how the weather is up here,” you say, trying to make light of the situation. “You’d be shocked to discover I never played basketball.”

Shoot, you think. Now the conversation is about me, when I should be asking about her. I don’t want to talk about how tall I am.


Crowded Coffe Shop

That date is on a fast track to being a disaster. And it’s not exactly your fault. Coffee shops just aren’t built for tall guys, and you didn’t pick the table you’re sitting at. Plus, if you had a wardrobe that actually fit you, you wouldn’t have been running so late.

It’s easy to be awkward, lose your confidence, and squander all that tall-guy-advantage in the moment.

But we’re here to flip the script. Picture this:

A Woman Goes on a Date, Part 2.

She pulls into the coffee shop parking lot and looks into the rear view mirror before she walks inside. Putting on a fresh coat of lip gloss, she ruffles her hair one last time and steps out of her car, swinging her purse over her shoulder.

She walks inside and notices a tall man sitting at a table, waiting for her. Then she walks over smiling, takes a seat, and introduces herself.

Couple on a Coffee Date

“Hi, I’m Joanne! Joe, right?”

“That’s me!” you say. Since you showed up a few minutes early, you picked the roomiest table in the cafe, so your legs aren’t cramped. And you already ordered for the both of you.

“You already got my drink?” she asks, taking a sip of the iced coffee in front of her.

“No, these are both for me,” you joke. She laughs.

“Thank you,” she smiles. She takes mental notes on your appearance. You’re wearing a shirt that’s just classy enough for a first date, but not too intimidating. A shirt so well fitting, she hardly notices how tall you are (although she’s still impressed by your height). A shirt that actually falls on the right place on your wrists.

You look confident, and she notices.

“So, how was your day?” you ask.


Success! You were comfortable, on time, and confident in your skin. This is how to use your height to your advantage when dating. If you missed them, here are a few tips:

Women Like Tall Men for Coffee Dates

How To Use Your Height To Stand Out On A First Date:

Women Like Tall Men ~ Who Wear the Right Outfit

This should go without saying, but we know how tough it is to find clothing that actually fits tall guys. Most tall guys can settle for the ‘big and tall section,’ but for the skinny guys out there, wearing a parachute shirt just isn’t flattering.

At TallSlim Tees, we offer tall t-shirts that actually fit tall guys, in all the colors you need. We offer everything from a casual crew neck t-shirt (for summer hikes) to a tasteful quarter zip jacket (for long walks in March).

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

We’ve even got you covered for the fancy date nights. Our easy-care button-downs are just classy enough for a fancy dinner without being too over the top.

For any date, it’s important to be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Which leads me to my second tip:

Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

You’re a tall guy. Own it!

Sure, you might not be able to fit into certain cars very well. Sure, you might hit your head on ceiling fans every once in a while. Sure, finding clothing is a little trickier for you than the average man.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable with who you are.

Women Like Tall Men Who Are Confident

Being comfortable with yourself starts with a confidence in your character first. Then naturally, confidence in your physical appearance follows.

What I mean to say is, focus on being honest, hard-working, kind, loving, and generous first. Character is far more valuable than any given physical trait. And as your confidence with who you are as a person grows, you confidence in the way you were made will follow.

Confidence is attractive! And a confident tall guy is even more attractive;).

Which leads me to my final tip:

Women Like Tall Men ~ Who Are Confident

Confidence comes with preparation. So be prepared to impress.

Show up early. Pick a place you know you’ll be comfortable in (aka not the back corner of a cramped coffee shop). Allow enough time to get ready beforehand. Don’t be rushed.

As a tall guy, you already have an advantage to begin with. So use it!

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Henley T-Shirt

Use Your Height To Your Advantage

There’s no denying it: tall guys have the advantage for scoring dates. But if you want to keep your relationship long-term, what matters most is character, communication, integrity, and selflessness.

Use your height to your advantage, but remember: being a good person is way more attractive than being a tall person. Good luck, you tall kings!