What to do When Bae is Taller Than You?

What to do When Bae is Taller Than You?

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I haven’t met too many couples where both of them are the exact same height. The odds are very low that you will end up with a gal/guy that you can see eye to eye with. It seems like tall people like short girls and tall girls like short guys. Everyone has a preference and it usually isn’t “I like my bae to be the same height as me”. So what do you do when your bae is taller than you?

First of all, a lot of the times the only one that feels uncomfortable by it is whoever is reading this article. The best thing to do is not mentioning it nor bringing it up all the time. If you want him/her to feel comfortable with it you should keep your worries on the down-low.

Lastly, if you master the art of looking taller; it can go a long way. Wear slimmer taller t-shirts with vertical strips and wear shoes that have a taller sole. By looking and feeling taller while you are around him/her it will allow you to feel more confident.

Don’t let the worries of your partner’s height get to your head. Love him/her for how they make you feel when you are together.