10 Reasons Being Tall in College Is a Struggle

10 Reasons Being Tall in College Is a Struggle

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It can be hard to attend college if you’re a tall person because everything in college from classrooms to dorm rooms was not designed with tall students in mind. Tall college students will relate to the following 10 struggles.

  1. Difficulty sitting in too-small desks.

The desks in classrooms are always too small which makes it difficult to cram your knees under there. They’re also all so close together that you often end up hitting the back of the seat of the person in front of you with your knees, causing them to give you dirty looks throughout each lecture. Shorter people often don’t realize the struggle you’re going through so assume you’re doing it to be annoying.

  1. You always feel like you’re so visible in class.

When your professor is scanning the class to find a student to call on, it’s a lot harder to hide behind other students so he doesn’t notice you and ask you to give an answer to his question. On the other side of the coin, you always feel like you’re blocking someone’s view sitting behind you. You feel guilty even though it’s not your fault and you can’t move out of the way.

  1. Getting so many comments about your height.

It gets old quickly when every new person you meet comments on your height, and in college, you’re constantly meeting new people. They always comment on your height first, as though you had no idea that you were so tall, followed up by a question about how tall you actually are, or trying to guess. It’s interesting because no one asks more average height individuals how tall they are on a regular basis so nothing makes you feel like you stand out more than that, especially when strangers come up to you to ask your height or exclaim about it.

  1. Sleeping in dorm beds is uncomfortable.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, dorm beds were not designed for tall people so if you’re staying in a college dorm, you’re in for many uncomfortable nights with your legs sticking out past the edge of the bed and kicking your desk in your sleep.

  1. Bathrooms were not designed for you either.

There are so many problems with college bathrooms, some of which are unique to colleges and others which you probably encounter in many bathrooms. The universal problem is when you stand up in a bathroom stall and you’re so tall everyone else in the bathroom can see you and recognize you. You also constantly have to bend down just to see your reflection in a mirror because on most mirrors your head would be above it. In college, the showers are almost always too small, and the shower head never ends up above your head.

  1. Everyone thinks you’re an athlete.

If you could get a dollar for every time someone asked if you play basketball, you’d be rich. When you’re tall, everyone assumes you’re an athlete, specifically basketball or volleyball. Some tall people like to relax and not do sports just as much as some shorter people. It gets old quickly always being asked about sports especially when it’s not an interest.

  1. It’s hard to find clothes that fit well.

Shopping for clothes is always a struggle because everything is too short or too wide, especially when buying jeans or dresses. When you do find something that fits well it usually needs to be hemmed at the ankles.

  1. Always walking into things.

Furniture corners always seem to be in the way even when you’re careful, or cupboard doors that are left open. Also, when it’s raining and you’re walking to class, there’s always someone that ends up hitting you in the forehead with their umbrella.

  1. Walking behind short people.

It’s hard to walk behind a short person who’s walking slowly because your stride will always be longer than theirs so you can accidentally trip over them or step on the back of their heels.

  1. Walking with shorter friends.

Even walking with friends that are shorter than you is a struggle because they’re always begging you to slow down, even though you’re walking at a regular pace. This will almost always make you late for class.