What is a Drop Hem Shirt?

What is a Drop Hem Shirt?

A certain style of shirt is taking over in men’s fashion. I am sure that you have seen it, but I would bet that you didn’t know what it was called; at least I did. The famous “Drop Hem” shirt is a style of shirt that has the front and back hems drop further down and rises back up on the sides. The bottom of the shirt is often rounded and longer than a normal shirt.

The person responsible for designing this style is unknown, however, we do know that the style has been around for a long time but is most often found in women’s blouses. It was not until recently we started seeing the popularity of the design in men’s fashion. The style is most often presented in a “luxury Casual” setting. Meaning it is not usually seen in a business casual/professional environment.

As does most trends, they might seem absolutely ridiculous and strange but find their way into mainstream America. Once enough people start dressing in a certain style it starts to seem like the norm. Let us know what you think about drop hem shirts and other styles that are catching on.

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