What Does Height And Leadership Have In Common?

What Does Height And Leadership Have In Common?

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Over the history of our country there is has been a strange, but consistent anomaly: the TALLER candidate wins almost every election. So why is that?

Because our brains control us! Our subconscious has created a link between height and leadership. Whether we realize it or not it’s true, our subconscious has a hand in our every thought and our every action!

The proof is in the pudding. A recent study was done among 467 college students, each student was asked to draw what they believed to be a typical citizen. They were then asked to draw what they believed to be the ideal leader. The results (pudding) were pretty interesting. About three hundred of the students drew the “leader” taller than the citizen.

It seems we have been pre-wired to choose taller people to be our leaders, but it’s not just us- animals are pre-wired as well! Generally, among all social animals there are hierarchies, and in them, we find what we call “The Alpha” or in other words the animals leader. The alpha isn’t usually like the rest, he is bigger, stronger, and often older than the other animals. I’m not going to say us humans are animals, but in reality, we are pretty primal. We choose “alphas” in our communities and governments and the majority of the time it’s based on stature.

Sometimes it’s hard to see, but if you take a look around you; you will realize that the leaders in your life are taller than the average. The average height of an American man is 5’10”. The current president of the United States is 6’2″, and the average height among CEO’S (most people’s bosses) is also 6’2″. It might be just me, but it sure seems that height and leadership have a lot in common.