Much Needed Tool Adaptations For Tall People

Much Needed Tool Adaptations For Tall People

Have you ever been using a tool and thought “This would be a lot easier to use if I was shorter”? Since you can’t become shorter, we looked into tool solutions for tall people. We felt as the creators of the best t-shirt for tall people, we were naturally the most qualified people to head this investigation.

Snow Shovel Too Short?

While our base of operations is located in an area that doesn’t receive much snow, we know plenty of our Tall Slim Tee wearers do live in snowy areas.

The few times we have had to break out snow shovels, the memories have burned themselves into our minds. The back pain from being hunched over a too short snow shovel can last for days! Part of the problem comes from the average height of a snow shovel is 55”.

To help mitigate this problem, we recommend you purchase an extra long shovel, like this 62” snow shovel we found on Amazon. It is the longest one we found and will give you 7” extra to save your poor back.

Make Raking Easier For Tall People

Raking, a struggle we can all commiserate over. Not only does it seem to never be done, but having to repeat the same, back-crunching exercise over and over can be too much.

We didn’t find a nifty, extra long rake to solve your problems this time. However, if you are willing to do a bit of DIY, you can craft your own extra long rake!

The things you will need are:

Place the non-handle end of the telescoping handle into the slot of the rake where the normal rod would go. Secure the handle to rake head by using the hose clamps to secure the rod. Then use the duct tape to cover the ends of the hose clamp which will stick out after you tighten the clamps.

While you could use a telescoping painter’s rod handle for this project, we don’t recommend it. Painting rods aren’t as sturdy as broom handles and may bend more easily.

Adjust Your Desk For Your Height

You may not consider your desk a tool but it certainly can be one, especially depending on your line of work. Medical professionals warn against sitting too much and really, most desks aren’t designed for tall people. We thought of two solutions for this, though one might go over better with your boss.

First, you can indulge in a college throwback and hoist your desk up with cinder blocks. Obviously, there are some aesthetic and safety considerations against this recommendation, but we thought we should throw it out there.

A safer and better-looking solution is to purchase a standing desk converter. You can keep your old desk but use this to raise your workstation up to suit your height better.

While there will always be some things just not suited for tall people, a little bit of work and ingenuity can fix a lot of problems.