Top 3 Tips for Hosting Holiday Gatherings with Tall Guests

Top 3 Tips for Hosting Holiday Gatherings with Tall Guests

Hosting guests during the holiday season is equal parts fun and stressful. On the one hand, it’s great to have everyone you love together in one place. On the other, you want to make sure that everyone is comfortable in your home–especially if your guests are over 6 feet tall.

Here are three easy tips to keep in mind when hosting your taller friends and family so that everyone can enjoy the holiday spirit.

1. Make Space in Your Place

Before anyone comes over to your home, give the space a thorough cleaning. That means doing the dishes, picking up any clothes and shoes on the floor, wiping down all the surfaces, and sweeping and/or vacuuming. Then, walk around and section out an area where your guest can leave their stuff.

Keep in mind when planning that you’ll have to set up extra sleeping space to accommodate their height. Adjust your coffee table and sofa table ratio so that your tall guests will also be able to sit comfortably without bunching up their legs. Leave a few empty hangers in your closet in case they want to hang stuff up and move anything on the ground out of the way, so their clothing and coats won’t get dirty (taller people means longer clothes that hang close to the ground!).

And keep lighting in mind when setting up their space by placing them near a lamp or light switch. This way they won’t have to fumble around in the dark and potential hit their head on anything.

2 – A Comfortable Car

Make sure your car is clean and comfortable. And by this, we mean legroom (and lots of it). Nothing is more uncomfortable for a person with long limbs then being cramped up into a small space. Push the seats back as far as they go before your guest gets into the vehicle.

If you’ll be driving a few people around, be sure the shorter people sit in the back seat to accommodate for the taller guest. And if you’ll be relying on a car service, opt for a larger vehicle. This way your tall friend doesn’t have to feel insecure about needing more room–you’ll make the decision for them and everyone will get around smoothly and comfortably.

3 – Invest in an Extra Long Air Mattress

Sure, not every overnight guest that stays with you will be tall. But investing in an air mattress that works for people of all heights will prepare you for any situation that may pop up. You’ll also want to have an extra-long pair of sheets that will fit the air mattress. Paired with a couple of pillows and a heavy blanket, it’s just a great as a real bed.

Air mattresses are also super easy to set up and take down, so you can deflate them and fold up the sheets during the day to take up less room if you’re short on space.

4 – Don’t Mention Their Height

It’s fairly common for tall people to experience questions and comments about their height, so do your guest a favor and simply don’t discuss it. They are your friends (or family!) and you love them no matter their size.

Avoid questions like “How tall are you?”, “Do you play basketball?”, or statements such as “You’re really tall!” Trust us, your tall guest(s) are fully aware and don’t need to be reminded. You want to make your guests feel comfortable and not insecure about what they look like. If one of your other guests makes a remark, politely let them know that it’s inappropriate and they should follow proper social etiquette, so everyone can enjoy the festivities.