6 Life Hacks for #TallPeopleProblems

6 Life Hacks for #TallPeopleProblems

We know what you’re thinking and no, fishing for a shark has nothing to do with tall people life hacks. Just a cool image.

There are a lot of advantages to being tall, but those few extras inches often come with their own set of challenges. No worries though–start with these six easy life hacks and you’ll never feel uncomfortable in everyday situations again.

1. Clothing

Clothing that covers your ankles and arms can be a huge challenge for taller folks (which is where we come in). And if you want something that’s fashionable, that’s even tougher. Luckily, more and more brands are offering sizes in “Long” or “Tall” options (like us) that are specially designed for those on the taller end of the spectrum. Online shopping has also made finding clothes that fit correctly a lot easier (us again). Plus, a tailor can be your new best friend. Most are reasonably affordable and can adjust your clothing, so they fit just right.

2. Sleeping

There’s nothing more frustrating than laying down to sleep and having your feet hang over the edge of the bed. Instead of constantly moving around to find a comfortable (and scrunched up) position, do yourself a favor and extend your bed. It’s quite easy to do with a piece of 4” by 4” lumber–simply cut it to the height you need and then drill holes, so you can screw the pieces in place. If building something isn’t your forte, you can purchase bed extenders online.

3. Small Cars

Finding the right car that is safe and comfortable for a tall driver is the ultimate challenge. Manufacturers simply do not account for extra head and legroom, especially in luxury cars and crossover SUVs. When buying a new car, keep an eye out for models with lower seats that extend back so you can have ample room for your legs and head. This will also keep you more secure in case there is an accident–you want to be as far back from the airbags as possible, so they can absorb any impact.

4. Working at a Desk

Many lines of work these days require one to sit at a desk all day long, which is incredibly uncomfortable if you have long legs. Desk risers (similar to bed raisers listed above) are a great solution for this. Use wood, cinder blocks, or purchase a set online to lift your desk higher. Standing desks are also a great workaround for this problem. You can use it to make your workspace higher for when you’re sitting or adjust it even more if you wish to stand.

5. Public Transportation

Depending on where you live, there’s no avoiding public transportation. This service is both an incredible convenience for getting around, but also a large burden for those whose head almost touch the ceiling of the subways and buses (be sure to duck when boarding!). When possible, stand in the handicapped area which is normally less crowded. Just be sure to give this space up if there is someone who needs it more.

When booking trips on airplanes, buses, and trains, see if you can sit in the emergency exit seat which typically has more legroom. If you can’t pick your seat, ask whoever is already sitting there if they would want to switch.

6. Showering

There’s nothing like a good shower to relax you at the beginning or end of your day. But for most tall people, this time is replaced by a struggle to stand under the water. Fix this with a raised or adjustable shower head. You can play around with the height to make it work best for you while also having the flexibility to change it for whoever uses it that’s shorter than you. Another option is to install an overhead ceiling shower head, so you’ll never have to fumble with it again.