Too Tall For Whats In Your Parking Stall?

Too Tall For Whats In Your Parking Stall?

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Somethings aren’t always made to accommodate all sizes of people, especially tall people. Sometimes it’s hard to find clothes that fit right, and other times it’s hard to find a vehicle that gives you enough leg and head room.

I’ve seen a lot of very tall people climb out of cars, that were not necessarily designed for them, and every time they get out of their vehicle they end up looking like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

I have an old friend, in fact, that use to drive an old Volkswagen Bug, that had little to no leg room for a tall man such as himself. After several weeks of straining his back and legs trying to cram himself into the the drivers seat; he had finally had it, and completely removed the drivers seat from the car. He then continued to drive the car, with much success, by sitting in the back seat. It seemed quite hilarious at the time, but also quite innovative.

Thank goodness we don’t have to do that any longer. In the world we live in today manufactures are now building cars that give taller people a break. So lets take a look at some cars that wont send you to the chiropractor.

-Jeep Wrangler
-Honda CR-V
-KIA Optima
-Honda Accord
-Subaru Forester
-KIA Soul
-GMC Terrain
-Infinity Qx60
-Ford Flex
-Dodge Ram 1500 Crew Cab
-Chevy Impala
-Nissan Titan

Nowadays almost all car manufacturers design certain models to accommodate that 3.9% of people that find themselves to be over 6’2″ or in other words “tall”. So I am certain that whatever brand of car you are in the market for, there will be something out there that will work for you. At least work well enough that you wont have to remove the front seat.