The Funniest And The Tallest Jokes Out there!

The Funniest And The Tallest Jokes Out there!

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Humanity has quite the sense of humor if you are a tall person. Over the past century people have come up with thousands of jokes about all people, and today, we decided to do everyone a favor by making the sacrifice and sift through hundreds of tall jokes to find you what we believe to be “The Top Five”

-What does a tall person do when they see an airplane coming? Duck.

-Why don’t tall women paint their toe nails? Because they are too far away.

-What’s a tall person’s worst fear? Ceiling fans.

-What did the tall person say to the short person? What?

-How do you make a tall person angry? Pick them up in a smart car.

Being tall can be a little bothersome at times, but also can be quite humorist at times. Here are a list of funny things you can do if you are tall…

-walk next to a short person and watch them try to keep up.

-Stand silently as you watch a short person try to reach something.

-Constantly mention things in the distance that your shorter friends can’t see.

-Stare at a short friend as you touch the rim without jumping.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you find these jokes as hilarious as we do!