Tips For Tall Soccer Players

Tips For Tall Soccer Players

Basketball isn’t the only sport for tall athletes. Soccer (or Football in other countries) has many players well over 6 feet. Manchester United’s goalie Edwin van der Sar (6’5’’) is known for his massive wing span. Then there is Peter Crouch of England who stands at 6’7’’ and has played for over 10 different teams.

The average height of a professional soccer player is just under 6 feet at 5’11.5’’, but that is just the average. Goalies tend to be the tallest players, given the extra arm length can make all the difference when it comes to blocking a goal, but there are many defenders and forwards that are over 6 feet.

For a list of the tallest professional soccer players in the world, click here:

An area where tall players can dominate is when it comes to jumping and heading the ball or using their chest to direct the ball to a teammate. Shorter players may be spry with quick footwork, but tall players can dominate in the air when they are already taller than the rest. As a tall soccer player, work on your jump to keep yourself a head above the crowd. As well, focus on practicing your heading technique so you can control where the ball goes.

One thing to be aware of is according to studies, tall players get called for fouls more often than shorter players. Some suggest that is because height can be associated with aggression, but it is more likely because the taller or bigger you are, the more your movements are going to be seen. All the more reason to keep your cool on the pitch.