7 Great New Year’s Goals for Tall People

7 Great New Year’s Goals for Tall People

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Happy New Year! As a new year opens its doors for new chances and fresh starts, we thought we would share a few new year goals that you may want to keep in mind while making your list of what you want to work on or do this year.

#1 – Stand Up Straight

Too often we find ourselves crouching, leaning over and slumping in a world that was made for people a head or so shorter than us. Did you know all that slumping can weaken ligaments and cause back pain? Straighten that spine of yours, even if the people sitting behind you can’t see. Your health depends on it.

#2 – Do Yoga

To go along with goal number 1, yoga is one of the best ways to strengthen your back and help with back and neck pain, something that plagues tall people too often.

#3 – Wear the Heels

You are going to hear “Wow, how tall are you?” anyway, so might as well embrace it.

#4 – Go to Your Yearly Doctor Check Up

Did you know the taller you are, the greater chance you risk getting cancer? Yikes! (Link: https://www.tallslimtees.com/blog/health-risks-and-advantages-that-come-with-being-tall/) Do yourself a favor and make your health a higher priority this year.

#5 – Try a Sport or Activity that You Have Been Holding Back on Because of Your Height

There are plenty of athletes that do gymnastics, BMX, skateboarding, break dancing and are tall. You don’t have to just stick with the stereotypical sports everyone asks that you play, like basketball or volleyball. Try something new and you might be surprised how much you like it!

#6 – Be Kind

You know how much you hate the “tall jokes” that certain short people in your life think are so funny. Be the bigger man or woman (literally) and hold back on taunting those with “shortie jokes”. You’re better than that.

#7 – Wear Clothes That Fit

We all cringe trying to find clothes that fit in the typical stores in the mall. Try turning to the wonderful world wide web and you will find many online stores that make clothes especially for tall people. We recommend starting with a couple Tall Slim Tees and see just how great it is to have a shirt that is actually long enough and fits.