Tips for Buying/Renting a Snowboard for Tall Snowboarders

Tips for Buying/Renting a Snowboard for Tall Snowboarders

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If you are a new to snowboarding a good rule of thumb for choosing a snowboard is by measuring the distance from your chin to the floor in centimeters. That is a good length of board to start with. Your weight also plays a part in choosing snowboard length. If you are on the lighter side for your height than you can go a little shorter, but if you are a little heavier for your height, you might want to go a bit longer. If you are an advance boarder, you should keep snow conditions and your riding style in mind when choosing a board.

When it comes to riding style, remember that shorter boards are easier to turn but are less stable when it comes to speed and don’t float as well on powder. Longer boards are more stable at higher speeds, but have a larger turning radius and therefore take more effort to turn. Longer boards are also better for riding through deeper or softer snow.

The next thing to look at is the shape of the board. Snowboards are hourglass shaped. The difference between the width of the middle section and the end of the board is known as the “sidecut”. The more sidecut your board has the more it will want to turn on edge. A deep sidecut is ideal for tight, carved turns on the edge of your board. Wider boards tend to do better if you are snowboarding in powder, because it is more stable. Also, a wider board will support a tall snowboarder so you will likely want to choose a wider board than what some of your shorter friends may be using.

The last part of your equipment that you will need to figure out is your snowboard boots. There is no easy way to size your own boots, since boot sizing depends on your skill level and varies between manufacturers. The best thing you can do is go to a ski/snowboarding shop and have your boots sized by a pro who works there. Most shops will size and adjust your boots even after you have bought them. It is worth the extra effort to get a properly fitted boot, which will give you a much more comfortable and safer ride. Good luck shredding down the mountain!