There's a New Online Directory for Tall People

There's a New Online Directory for Tall People

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Today we’ve got a guest blog post for your enjoyment!

Ever wondered where to buy trousers that are long enough? Or jumpers that don’t look like tank tops? Or solutions for a bad back? Or a dating site just for tall people? If you have, then you will be furious that you haven’t yet discovered

My name is Richard and I run this directory, which I hope will turn out to be a “go-to” resource for tall people. At 6’7″ tall myself I know a thing about being tall. Growing up I was always taller than all those kids in my class and so it continued.

One evening, I was searching for a pair of men’s jogging bottoms, long enough to look like trousers not shorts. I searched and searched and couldn’t find anything. Next I wanted a golf trolley with a longer handle, so I scoured the internet again. That evening I didn’t find anything I wanted.

The next morning I thought “why isn’t there one place where tall people can go which lists everything you could ever want?” That’s when I thought what about a tall directory. The domain followed shortly after and so the journey began.

The best thing I have listed so far, for me it’s the better back product to help you sit upright. I thought it was so good when I found it that I purchased one. The strangest thing so far? I have listed a lot of companies, under various categories, but I am sure there are more to be found!

That’s where your help would be great. Have a great website for tall people? Please email the details to me at