Earth's Tallest Avenger (and Marvel's Tallest Chris)

Earth's Tallest Avenger (and Marvel's Tallest Chris)

With summer coming to a close, the season of summer blockbuster films is ending. Just like every year, there were some great films and some duds. I’m not here to tell you about those films though. I’m here to let you know the tallest actors from the summer. We’ll start with what is probably the biggest movie of this entire year: Avengers: Infinity War. Technically it came out at the end of April, but I know that it was in theaters for a good chunk of the summer so I’m going to count it.

First, a quiz. Of the three Chris’ in Marvel films (Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt), which is the tallest? All three are at least 6’ and the tallest is 6’ 3”. Do you have your answer written down somewhere so you don’t cheat? Great. The answer is the god of thunder, Thor! Hemsworth is the tallest Chris and the most screen time and importance of the film. Coincidence? Probably. Especially when you consider that he’s the same height as at least three of his co-stars.

That’s right, Hemsworth is the same height as the AI hero Vision (played by Paul Bettany), Drax the Destroyer (portrayed by Dave Bautista), and the one who sacrifices himself to save Hulk, Heimdall (played by Idris Elba). They should just make a movie focusing on those heroes. Earth’s Tallest Avengers!

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