The Tallest Woman In America

The Tallest Woman In America

I am sure that we have all seen our fair share of tall women in our lives, but I have yet to see one that is taller than Lady Liberty. She isn’t much of a conversationalist but at least you know that she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

How much do you know about her? Most people know very little, other than the fact that she is located in New York City. The Statue of Liberty’s full name is Liberty Enlightening the World, and was given to us by France in 1886. The statue was shipped over in hundreds of pieces and then puzzled back together when it arrived.

She towers over the city at a height of 151 feet tall without the pedestal, and with the pedestal she is 305 feet tall. Making her the tallest female in America. Most tall woman have big feet, but lady liberty is rocking shoes that are size 879!

So of all the colors they could have chosen, why did they make her green? Well actually she wasn’t always green, she used to be a brownish color. When the French built the statue they built her out of copper, and a lot of it, about 30 million pennies worth of copper. Copper oxygenates in a strange way; when the water and the air mix, the copper begins to turn green over time. Which is why she has the appearance that we see today.

For as tall as she is she still sways from 3 to 5 inches on a windy day. The pedestal that she is bolted down to keeps her from tipping. The pedestal was the only thing not built by the french and was actually built and paid for by Americans. The cost of the whole statue was over 500,000 dollars and in today’s money over 10 million dollars.

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