Tall of Fame Posts Monthly - Lindsay Kay Hayward

Tall of Fame Posts Monthly - Lindsay Kay Hayward

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We at TallSlim Tees know and love tall people. So we are showcasing featured people, famous and every day, who know what it is like to be bigger than life. This time we are looking at the incredible Lindsay Kay Hayward, who you might know by her nickname “Isis the Amazon”.

The Incredible Strong Woman

Lindsay always turns heads the moment she walks into the room. At 6’8 she is a striking woman and quite imposing. That impression only grows when you watch her work in and out of the ring.

Since 2007 she has been affiliated with Absolute Intense Wrestling, as well as Coastal Championship Wrestling, Rampage Pro Wrestling and Juggalo Championship Wrestling. It isn’t unusual to see her picking up men several times her size and slamming them against the ropes.

Her true call to fame is her leg press, however…she can hold up 700 pounds, an unbelievable amount that has been a matter of awe from lifters everywhere.

She has always been tall, though she used to be taller. When she was 13 she slipped a disc in an accident. This caused her to lose almost an inch in height. Amazingly, she was already in the later six foot range at that young age.

Breaking Into Acting

In her 20’s, Lindsay decided she didn’t just want to be a wrestler. She wanted to break into Hollywood and she has had a small handful of roles since then. Her size makes her a niche actress, one that most roles won’t be written for. In spite of this challenge she is optimistic.

Already she has entered into another field, that of modeling. Her beautiful round face and unique proportions give her both a classic look and one that stands out from the crowd.

Learning To Love Her Size

She didn’t always have the confidence to pursue such a career, however. In an interview she did with the Daily Mail, Lindsay talks about her time as a teenager and the teasing she faced from her peers who would taunt her for her size.

Isolated by classmates and without friends, she would spend nights escaping her difficult home life by drinking alone in parks. It is a tragic childhood wrought with pain.

Now she has overcome those memories, establishing herself as an incredible wrestler, model and new actress. She is no longer ashamed of who she is, or how much she towers over the world around her.

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