The Sons of a 9-11 Victim Start a New Tall-Sock Company

The Sons of a 9-11 Victim Start a New Tall-Sock Company

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Sixteen years ago tragedy struck our country when two hijacked planes struck into the world trade centers. Thousands were killed and many more were injured. Today marks the anniversary of that sad day.

I am sure we all remember where we were, and what we were doing when we got news of the shocking event. I had just arrived to school when our teacher put the news on the classroom television. I was young, but still old enough to remember how I felt and how those around me felt as well. It was a quiet day full of mourning and prayers to those who lost their loved ones in the attack. Even though it was so long ago, it still left scars on our hearts.

Mike and Dan Friedman are twin brothers who lost their father during the 9-11 attack. These two brothers, who lost their father at such a young age, are launching a new company that gives back to those who lost their loved ones during the tragedy.

This company is based around a problem that they have had their whole lives; they could never find socks that fit their abnormally sized feet. The Friedman Brothers are both extremely tall, Dan is 6 foot nine, and Mike is six foot eleven. Their new company is called TallOrder, they will be opening up their website for purchases this coming Monday (Sept.18).

Not only do they offer designer socks in sizes 12 to 20, but they are donating 10 percent of all their proceeds to Tuesday’s Children. Which is a nonprofit organization that was created to help those children who lost their family members in the attack. The two brothers are also giving back in other ways as well. They are being featured in a new documentary, that will be available next year, that is about the serving children of 9-11.