Best Jobs For Tall People

Best Jobs For Tall People

Almost every tall kid has been asked: “Do you play basketball?”. Nevermind that it takes a ton of raw talent and skill to play basketball professionally. This seems to be the first (and only) job that springs into people’s minds when they see a tall person.

While we are happy to have NBA players rep our Tall Slim Tees, there have to be more jobs where height can be a major bonus. With a little research and creativity, we’ve created a list of jobs where tallness can top the market.

Tall People On A Camera Crew

There is a ton of equipment when it comes to a full movie set but smaller projects and journalists may not have the budget to have all the equipment of a Hollywood set. Enter the tall person.

Imagine following a broadcast journalist through a crowd. Who better to capture the impact of a protest than someone above the sea of confusion? In a more traditional set, tall people can run camera and lighting rigging faster than shorter co-workers as they won’t need to constantly run for the ladder.

Modeling Favors The Tall

Models are by and large all tall people. Fashion designers love our long limbs because it displays their clothes best and it always looks impressive when tall slim legs strut down a catwalk.

The average height range for female models is 5’9” – 6”. Male models tend to range between 5’11” – 6’2. So if you think you’ve got what it takes to walk the runway, slip into your favorite shirt and put your tall self out there!

Using Height In Construction

There are construction and skilled labor jobs that can use your height to the best advantage.

  • Foreman – Who is going to argue with you when you tower over them? In all seriousness, studies have shown that tall people make more and are more respected than shorter colleagues.
  • Electrician – Unless it’s a vaulted ceiling, there isn’t a ceiling high enough for you to need a ladder to install a light fixture. Things may become tricky as you install outlets but that’s what apprentices are for, right?
  • Painter – Do the work in half the time it takes other painters because you don’t need a silly ladder. Bonus, since most painting jobs are paid by project and not time, you earn the money and save time.

So the next time some pipsqueak asks if you’re going to play in the NBA, you’ve got some ready job answers to whip out which can use your height to the fullest.