The Great Pyrenees are a Great Dog for Tall People

The Great Pyrenees are a Great Dog for Tall People

Dogs are man’s best friend. There’s a wide variety available as well to help make sure that you get the best fit for you and your family. There are small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs, hypoallergenic dogs, and so much more. Which dogs are the tallest though? That’s why I’m here. I’m going to run down the 5 tallest dog breeds for you so that you can really capitalize on your tall lifestyle.

The fifth tallest dog breed is the Great Pyrenees. They come from the border between France and Spain where you’ll find the Pyrenees Mountains, but some believe they’re originally from Central Asia or Siberia before migrating. and can typically live for 10-12 years. The males tend to grow to be as tall as 82 cm (32.28 in) while the females tend to max out around 74 cm (29.13 in). Characteristics of a Great Pyrenees include courageous, intelligent, and friendly which makes sense as they are sheep guard dogs. They also have a good reputation of being protective, yet affectionate, of their owners.

Other awesome facts from the American Kennel Club include the fact that Queen Victoria owned one, they’ve been fossilized, they revived the St. Bernard, and they hauled artillery in World War II. That’s right, some Pyrenees remains were found in fossil deposits from the Bronze Age!

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