The Best Products to Buy This Black Friday

The Best Products to Buy This Black Friday

Some Black Friday sales are BALLER - and others simply aren't worth it. Here's what to buy (and what to skip) this Black Friday:

We'd be lying if we told you this Black Friday is going to look like any other.

Changes in the economy have shifted things quite a bit this year, and folks are a lot more strapped for cash this holiday season.

It's simply a fact: your money can't go as far this year. Which is why you need to be selective about what you buy - and when you buy it. Obviously Black Friday is the best time to take advantage of sales, but what products are really worth buying this year and which ones can wait?

Here's your ultimate guide on what to buy this Black Friday - and what to skip:

What to Buy:

If you want to save money on things you'll need to buy anyway, Black Friday is a great time to capitalize. Here are 5 products you'll want to keep an eye on this November:

1. Clothes - If You Need a Wardrobe Refresh

Keep in mind: you don't always need clothes. But if your wardrobe is in desperate need for a refresh, pull the trigger. Typically your favorite companies will have doorbusters throughout the month, as well as sales on specific items and their entire stock Thanksgiving weekend.

Tall Guys Wearing Tall Clothing

Here at Tallslim Tees, we have a few doorbusters throughout November ourselves... so make sure you click that "Get 10% Off" button to your left so you can snag the deals. To give you a hint: a lot of your favorite styles will be 30% OFF...

Pro Tip: Buy directly from the companies you like most instead of distributers like amazon. The deals are usually better, and you'll be supporting the business directly.

2. Device Upgrades

Be wary of taking advantage of technology sales this Black Friday if you don't need an upgrade - even on sale those products are pricey! But if you know you need a phone or computer upgrade, especially if you'll be forced to buy one sooner than later, take advantage of the Black Friday Sales.

Apple typically has great ones, but across the board, technology is a good go-to for Black Friday if you have the means.

3. Toys

For the tall dads out there, you'll probably need to buy a few toys this year for Christmas. Black Friday is a great time to capitalize on those deals - especially for those toys that are more popular.

Sales won't stop until Christmas, so if you want to wait on a few toys you'll probably still be able to snag a deal. But if you're afraid it'll go out of stock, try to get it by Black Friday.

4. Small Appliances

Small appliances usually have great deals on Black Friday, and they don't typically have many bigger deals throughout the year. If you truly need to replace an old small appliance or two, Black Friday is the time to do it.

Small appliances are also high on a typical Christmas list, so this might be a good time to grab gifts for siblings, parents, and friends.

5. Towels & Bedding

You'll always need towels and bedding, so if you can get a deal when you need an upgrade, that's a huge bonus. You'll need to replace your towels, sheets, and comforter from time to time anyway, so try to time buying your replacement around Black Friday.

These products don't go on sale very often (there's an equal need for them year-round!) so seize the opportunity when you see it.

What to Skip:

It's not always wise to grab at the first shiny thing you see. You might find deals, but who knows if they are worth it? Here are a few items you'll want to avoid this Black Friday and save your money for a different time:

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Polo

1. Cheap TVs

Everyone buys TVs on Black Friday, but those cheap TVs you see at the front of the store during Black Friday are typically low-quality and riddled with issues. Don't waste your money on something that won't last!

Instead, if you do need a new TV, make a thoughtful purchase on the exact TV you want and take advantage of the sale if they have one. If the sale isn't huge? TVs can usually wait - they're not your most urgent need.

2. Furniture

Furniture upgrades are needed from time to time, but a lot of furniture stores actually have bigger sales on different times of the year. Their sales are frequent, too, so you don't have to worry about missing out on saving money.

Save bigger purchases for a more financially stable time of the year when you can really research your decision.

3. Mattresses

Similar to furniture, mattress stores usually have bigger and more frequent sales throughout the year - not just on Black Friday.

Research when you can save the most money on the new mattress you want and wait until then. Mattresses are expensive, and the last thing you need tacked onto your Christmas expenses is a $2,000 receipt to Mattress Firm.

4. Big Appliances 

Big appliances also have sales going on throughout the year, and the chances of you needing - I mean, really needing - an appliance replacement right before Christmas are slim.

According to the Adobe shopping holiday forecast, the biggest appliance sales are on December 1st - so if you really want to snag an appliance, wait an extra week for bigger savings.

5. Seasonal Products

Seasonal products like winter clothing and decor have big markdowns on Black Friday, but they're not the best sales you could get. If you can wait, winter clothing usually goes on a bigger sale around January, so you'll be able to save more money.

And for seasonal decorations? Right after Christmas is the sweet spot, not Black Friday.

6. Fitness Equipment

The biggest sale of the year on fitness equipment isn't actually on Black Friday - it's actually in early January, when everyone's building New Year's resolutions and starting a steady workout routine again.

If you can wait until then, you'll save more money on your fitness equipment in January than in November.

Prioritize Needs Over Wants

If money's tight this year, take a deep breath - you'll get through this stressful season. A good rule of thumb? Prioritize your needs over your wants. You might have say no to something you want in lieu of something you need. That's okay - you won't have to say no forever.

At TallSlim Tees, we've got your back with quality clothing you can trust, and good deals to go with it. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and successful shopping!

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