No Shave November: 5 Beard Looks That Look Sharp on Tall Guys

No Shave November: 5 Beard Looks That Look Sharp on Tall Guys

You know what November means... NO SHAVING. Here are 5 classy beard looks that actually look on tall slim men for the November season:
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It's November, so you know what that means tall guys...


In all seriousness, whether or not you're participating in no-shave November, we'd love to give you some fashion pointers. Finding styles that compliment your tall stature isn't always easy - but we're here to help.

So in light of the season, here are 5 beard looks that flatter and compliment tall guys (they look so good you might just want to try them):

1. Full Beard

Tall Guy in Full Beard

A classic. You simply can't go wrong. This look is cool and rugged, plus it adds an extra layer of warmth as the weather turns cold. Our favorite part about it? No maintenance - just simple upkeep and trimming to keep it looking classy. If you've never tried it before, no-shave November is your perfect excuse (whether the wife likes it or not;).

2. Circle Beard

Ah, the circle beard (also called the Van Dyke). Stylish and full, yet conservative at the same time - it might be the perfect balance. A circle beard is a great middle ground if you don't want to go full-beard this November. It does take more maintenance, but the refined look is worth it.

3. Mustache (You Know You Can Rock It)

Tall Guy With Mustache

Being a tall guy is all about being comfortable in your skin, with who you are, and rocking a mustache only elevates the look. Trim everything else and leave the mustache for a classy, confident statement. 

4. Balbo Beard

The balbo beard is close to a full beard, with a touch more of style and finesse. One difference is how the mustache floats, separated from the rest of the beard. Plus, sideburns are trimmed. It takes a little more maintenance, but the end result is sexy - especially on tall, slim guys.

5. Anchor Beard

Tall Guy Wearing Tall Pocket Shirt

The anchor beard is a conservative option if you don't want to leap into no-shave November head first. In my opinion, it looks classier than a goatee and requires a similar amount of upkeep. It's simply a mustache paired with a pointed beard, tracing your jawline to flatter your face - perfect for the tall guys.

What Looks Best?

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret here in the tall guy club:

The best look you could choose is...


Okay, call me corny, but it's true. You're an awesome tall guy who looks great no matter what beard style you choose - you just need to rock it with confidence.

So this November? Try a new look, get out of your comfort zone, and ROCK it. We know you can.

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