UPDATED: TallSlim Tees Are Back On Amazon!

UPDATED: TallSlim Tees Are Back On Amazon!

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UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2018: We are pleased to announce that you can once again find TallSlim Tees on Amazon! For those who have been following us since we launched the brand in 2014, we had a rough go with Amazon last time.

Our shirts became very popular on the e-commerce giant, so popular in fact that we attracted the attention of fake sellers operating internationally. Soon our listings were hounded by dozens of fake sellers charging half the price and shipping knockoff garbage. Our customers were overwhelmed with counterfeits.

We diligently worked with Amazon to remedy the problem. If they removed the fake sellers, dozens more took their place within 24 hours. We even acquired a US Trademark for TallSlim Tees and still it did nothing to deter them. Amazon was not protecting our listing, so we had no choice but to pull all of our inventory from Amazon and leave only the counterfeits.

Nearly all those listings are now gone and we’re going to try again, under a new seller account and starting with ownership of the brand through our registered trademark.

Click here to see our initial offering on Amazon