Some Tall People Advantages

Some Tall People Advantages

Being tall can sometimes be a pain – figuratively when you’re shopping for clothes and literally when a doorway was designed prior to 1950 and you smash your head into it. But it’s not all highwater pants and bumped heads. Being tall also has its advantages. Let’s take a look at how being tall is actually pretty awesome…

Viewed As More Attractive

Did you know that women tend to find taller men more attractive? Seriously, it’s science. From an evolutionary standpoint, height and size typically meant a greater likelihood of prevailing in a physical altercation, so there’s a biological standpoint for height to be a desirable trait.

While that makes sense evolutionarily, it probably doesn’t have a huge impact on today’s landscape. Or, does it?

Seen As More Authoritative

Turns out it does! Apparently — again largely do to humanity’s long-ago history of fighting and hunting — taller men are seen as more powerful and authoritative. The caveman part of everyone’s brain sees a tall dude and thinks, “Wow, no one is going to mess with that tribe leader.”

It also even correlates to pay scale, too. Half of the Fortune 500 CEOs are at least six feet tall, and 90 percent are above-average in height. Those extra few inches can mean a whole lot more pocket change over your lifetime.

Harder To Get At

If someone is trying to get in your face, your extra-sized arm is perfect to keep that person at bay. Whether it’s a little sibling or a shorter boxing opponents, nothing says “cruise control” like placing a hand on the forehead of your foe.

The benefits don’t stop there. Do you have something that somebody else wants? There’s really no better way to hang onto it like simply being taller.

Nothing Is Out Of Reach

While the world certainly isn’t designed for tall people in many instances (see: light fixtures, doorways, and most clothing), top shelves certainly aren’t designed for short people.

If you’re really short, then that means that most of the top shelves in your pantry, your closet, or your garage will remain unused, at least not without the help of a ladder.

As a tall person, those top shelves are just as convenient (well, perhaps more convenient) than those bottom shelves.

It’s not just about shelves either. Everything in life is just a little more reachable when you’re tall.

So, while being tall isn’t always the best, it certainly has its perks.