Tallest Soda Geyser World Record

Tallest Soda Geyser World Record

Just a few days ago “MR. O” from the Children’s Museum of Houston set out to break a world record. The record that he set out to break is the “Tallest Soda Geyser Record”. A soda geyser is created by taking Mentos and adding them to a bottle of Coca-Cola that creates a chemical reaction that causes the soda to expand rapidly.

The record that they set out to break was held by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage from Mythbusters. As many of you may already know, the Mythbusters never doing anything small and created a soda geyser that shot twenty-nine feet into the sky.

On a warm Texas morning, the museum gathered the community together in support for this epic record attempt. They spent a lot of time fine tuning the best Mento to Coke ratio and set a delicious geyser souring into the sky.

Once the final measurement was complete they came just two inches short of breaking the record. They say that their mistake was not testing for the temperature of the soda.

Houston’s Children Museum is always doing awesome experiments to bring the community together and promote learning for the local children. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a second attempt in the near future.