Tall People Problem: How to Kiss Short People

Tall People Problem: How to Kiss Short People

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Way back in the day I fell in love with a short spunky girl; who is now my wife. The story of our first kiss is one to laugh about. Our lips aren’t exactly parallel, I am a pretty tall guy and she is a pretty short girl. You can imagine the awkwardness of us trying to kiss while on our feet. Kissing, along with many other tall people dating short people issues, is one that I feel I know pretty well.

Our first kiss went like this. I walked her home after a date and stood facing her in a warm summer rain. I was under the impression that this would be the best time to lay one on her; she was not under that same impression. I was a little nervous, to be honest. She had her head in my chest when I went down for the kiss. She didn’t look up and I ended up kissing her eyeball… Once she had realized that I was trying to kiss her she looked up and we locked lips.

My advice for all you tall people is that you need to make sure that the person you are trying to kiss is aware, otherwise, it will get real awkward. She needs to know so she can go halfway. She can’t keep her face parallel to the ground and her heels to the floor. Once you have practiced this technique, your kissing issue will be resolved.

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