Tallest Countries in The World by Population Height

Tallest Countries in The World by Population Height

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If you’re a tall person living amongst a small person’s world, it’s a goal to find somewhere you can fit in—almost literally. While size varies by the individual, some places are, simply put, taller than others. On average, there are just some countries where the population is clearing six feet tall. Here’s a list of the ten tallest countries in the world, and some of the things you can do when you visit.


Averaging at five feet and nine inches, Australia is quickly becoming one of the tallest places on Earth with their newest generation pushing their height up to a six foot even. Australia is easily one of the best destinations for anyone looking to travel, with the landmarks like the Sydney Opera House or a trip through the famous Australian outback. Australia is also famous for their friendliness to backpacking culture, making it the ultimate tall tourist destination.

United States

The United States is also easily one of the tallest countries in the world, although exact measure is difficult due to its incredible diversity. On top of this, it’s also difficult due to the great differences in healthcare and diet. Much like its populace, the U.S. is home to such a diversity of sights that you can’t possibly summarize, although places like Times Square in New York City or Hollywood, California are often cited as must-sees for tourism. Because of the diversity and amount of tourist attractions, the U.S. has attracted many people from abroad. According to the 2016 census, 1.9 million people moved to the U.S. from abroad alone. If you find yourself looking to move rather than visit, here are some moving tips to consider.


Greece is famous for a lot, but a tall populace is not one of them. However, Greeks are some of the tallest by average in the world. Likewise, it’s an impressive country to visit, with the strong history of ancient Greece being visible by landmarks like the Parthenon and the Sanctuary at Delphi. The Mediterranean air is also a great draw for tourism, and the culture is very welcoming to foreigners.


Next on the list is Germany, which hosts the largest economy in Europe and therefore some of the highest standards of living, making it no wonder their citizens are some of the tallest and healthiest in the world. Germany hosts plenty of reasons to visit, too, with the Neuschwanstein Castle and Brandenburg Gate as iconic tourist destinations.


Finland was once home to the world’s tallest person, and although he was exceptional, the rest of the population also averages quite tall. Finland is also home to some very impressive sights, like the aurora borealis in the winter and the impressive arctic boreal forests that compose their national parks.


Sharing some ethnic history with Finland, Estonia is just as tall, if not taller, than their neighbors. Also, much like the Finnish, they have impressive national parks owing to their country’s boreal location, but also are home to many museums about Estonia’s rich maritime history.


The world’s second highest standard of living is in Norway, and like most Scandinavian countries, is exceptionally tall. Likely owing to their Viking heritage, Norwegians also live in some of the most striking geographic sights in the fjords.


Also on the list of Scandinavians that tower over the rest of the world is Denmark. Averaging just about five feet and eleven inches, most countries with a strong Viking history seem to be the tallest among the world. Denmark boasts the Oresund Bridge, the primary connection of Sweden to Denmark and the mainland, and Lyngby Open-Air Museum, an impressive 35-acre museum of agricultural history and activity in the region.


Rounding out the list’s Scandinavian nations, Sweden averages just shy of six feet tall. While visiting among this country of giants, sightseers can stop by Stockholm’s palace or the Vasa Museum, another great museum that details a rich history of seafaring people in the Scandinavian countries.


The tallest country, on average, in the world is the Netherlands, who average at six feet tall. Because of this shift in the past few generations in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has actually made an effort towards changing building codes to include taller doorways for their taller populace. The Netherlands is also a rich source of history, being home to the world-famous Anne Frank house, which documents Anne Frank’s life through hiding from the Nazis in World War 2. Also there is the Van Gogh Museum, enshrining the accomplishments of another of the Netherlands’ internationally famous citizens.