5 Ergonomic Kitchen Trends

5 Ergonomic Kitchen Trends

Because kitchens aren’t often designed with specific persons in mind, tall people tend to end up in kitchens with appliances and surfaces just a little off vertically. But kitchen design can’t really be one-size fits all, so it’s best if you make it the size that fits your tall life. Modern kitchens are taking trends that both make your kitchen look great, and sit at a size just right. Take a look at these five trends in kitchen design that are really benefiting aspiring tall cooks and homemakers.

1. Deep Kitchen Sinks

While not exclusively a trend for tall people, deep kitchen sinks are becoming increasingly popular. The added space means less bending and compensating by a tall person washing dishes, and has the added benefit of more space for dishes. However, the opposite can happen, too, so the deep sink shouldn’t be extremely so. As long as you can comfortably reach the bottom of the sink, you should be able to manage using it for extended periods. Likewise, your sink faucet can be obstructive to tall people. Consider getting a high-arch faucet so it’s easily avoidable and busy hands can clear right under it. Especially if you do a lot of hand dishwashing and drying, these can really change your quality of life.

2. Wall-Mounted Appliances

Another great modern trend that coincides nicely with a tall person’s lifestyle are wall-mounted appliances. If your kitchen can manage it, putting your oven at counter-height can be a gamechanger when it comes to cooking. A lot less bending and squatting will be necessary when your oven window and controls are visible while standing. Likewise, the microwave can be put in the cabinet overhang for similar reasons; particularly if you use your microwave often, it becomes much more convenient and accessible than a freestanding appliance on the countertop. Not all appliances will be best suitable for this kitchen trend, so it may require a little extra budget. Before disposing your old appliances, try selling them to make the purchase less of a burden.

3. Low-Hanging Fixtures (Properly Placed)

One of the many temptations when decorating a kitchen and dining area is to include atmospheric, low-hanging light fixtures. While they can be interesting and really add to the aesthetic value, they’re potentially hazardous when you’re tall. If you’re set on these style of light fixtures, strategically place them over furnishings that won’t be moved for events, such as a countertop island or large dining table. That way they won’t instantly become new traffic obstacles as soon as minor rearranging occurs.

4. Raised Countertops

Raised countertops are a riskier design choice, but are more popular as people are getting taller in the 21st century. Higher countertops are one of the more expensive and time-intensive options for a tall person-friendly kitchen. However, this can condense space between the counters and the cabinets, so it shouldn’t be done in an excessive amount. Measure how much space is comfortable for your countertop fixtures and appliances, and if you’re considering it, consult a contractor on their experience and expertise with higher countertops. Keep in mind, the distance from a stovetop to the cabinets has a minimum standard for safety codes in most areas. If you don’t want to commit to a full high countertop kitchen, consider adding a raised counter island. It can be easily set up within grabbing distance of all your other appliances and other tools for meal preparation, while not making the rest of the kitchen prohibitive to other users. It also becomes a multi-purpose surface for staging buffets when you have guests over. Any dramatic shifts into your kitchen’s layout and structure are going to have cause for demolition, or at the very least, design shifts. These can both lead to debris and unwanted junk from your previous kitchen designs. Use a junk removal service to clear it out quickly and stress free, especially if there are a lot of old, unwanted pieces of previous counter designs.

5. Tall Tables and Seating

Taller tables and chairs are a newer and more modern look for kitchens and dining areas. If you have bar counter area, the barstool style for seating is a strong aesthetic choice and functional for those with long legs. Particularly since tall people are going to be living there, that should be your primary comfort goal. Table and chair height aren’t as prohibitive to shorter members of the family or guests, as seating will compensate for it and they won’t be laboring over meals there.